Why Your Flooring Is So Important In Any Setting.

I often go on walks with my camera, and have a mantra of ‘always look up’. But it is equally true that you should always look down, as what you are walking on is just as important as what you can see all around you. Whether we are talking about the wonderfully tiled floors we see in museums and civic buildings, parquet floors and specialist flooring we see in schools and education settings, and the carpeting and laminate we find in our homes, floors are there to be practical and decorative, comfortable and stylish, and ultimately, to do their job.

Here are some examples of flooring that does all of the above.

Flooring in School settings.

It is easy to forget that the whole of the school building is a learning zone, and that it should inspire all the time. Mannington Commercial are an industry leader when it comes to lvt flooring in commercial settings. LVT flooring is luxury vinyl tiling, which can be used to create so many designs and styles, even being used to create pictures and images.

In schooling and education settings, it has actually transformed the whole look of a building or room. Mannington Commercial asked pupils about their previous flooring and said:

A lot of students we interviewed said, “My school feels like a prison.” School shouldn’t feel like a prison. School should feel like a rainbow. It should be colorful, beautiful, filled with life and energy, and your flooring can tell a story; so that when the students walk in, they’ll say, “I love this space,” just because of the flooring choice.

They have been able to add vision and colour to education settings, have been able to inspire pupils to love the place where they learn and can also help with motivation and attendance, all so important to a child’s life.

Museums and Art Galleries

One of the things I love about visiting museums and art galleries is looking at the beautiful, antique flooring often made up of parquet or terrazzo tiling. The flooring in many cases adds to the beauty of the building and the exhibits it hosts, but can also show that the exquisite flooring of the past was built to last. Below I have featured flooring from the late Victorian era in the Birmingham Council House, the 1930s from The Alexandra Theatre (this was covered in carpeting for many years can you believe) and a tiled step which is from the Ceredigion museum, but was a former cinema (date unknown.). All images from my Instagram account.

Victorian Floor from the Birmingham Council House
1930s flooring from The Alexandra Theatre

Home Flooring

The flooring we chose for our own homes has to be both practical, attractive and easy to maintain. Just like the education settings that Mannington Commercial have had such success with, luxury vinyl tiles are popular for homes, particularly for kitchens and bathrooms. These can offer any kind of finish, from an antique parquet look for a more ‘olde worlde’ styling, to sleek, modern, minimal design that could suit a home with a Scandinavian look.

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