Why your home needs CCTV in 2020

CCTV surveillance – it can cause quite a stir depending on whom you ask. Some people believe that it’s a stark invasion of privacy, and that its usage is taken advantage of far too excessively across UK streets. When it comes to your property, though? Well, it’s a no brainer… It’s a must. 

Your home is your safe haven, the place you take shelter when you’re not busy with other day-to-day tasks such as working or shopping. Your home harbours your most special possessions, not forgetting your family, too! It’s supposed to keep you safe and give you peace of mind, but this isn’t always possible when you don’t have CCTV surveillance. 

Does your home truly need CCTV in 2020? Of course, keep reading on to find out more.

Deter criminals

Think again, burglar…

According to Yale, headline figures revealed that over 250,000 domestic burglaries occurred in both England and Wales throughout a 12-month period. 

Home invasions are very real and they are very common, so it’s important that you do what you can to protect your home and your family. CCTV can act as a huge deterrent to these criminals, especially where pre-planned crimes are concerned. 

It’s simply common sense to imagine that thieves will be extremely put off your property when they see that you’re equipped with CCTV surveillance, and this will keep your belongings and your family safer.

It’s very, very common now 

Once upon a time, it was somewhat strange to see your neighbour’s property kitted out with CCTV surveillance. It felt a bit like… ‘Why?’ 

Now, you’ll find that most people in most suburban streets across the United Kingdom are all opting to be a part of the CCTV gang. Once before it was a ‘why?’ but in 2020, it’s more of a ‘why not?’

It’s cheaper now

Back in the day when CCTV was considered a luxury, it would have cost you a hefty bit to have the piece installed in and around your property. In 2020, this isn’t the case.


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