Win A Guardenza Beard And Face Wash With Trendhim

With Christmas on it’s way, we are all starting to take a look at our lists and choose presents for the important people in our lives. This morning,  I am starting a competition that may allow you to cross someone off your list and mark them done!

In recent years the trend for facial hair for men has, pardon the pun, really grown, with beards being as popular as they were during the early 1970’s, when they were often teamed with long hair and a distinctly hippyish look. Today’s beards are far from unkempt and ungroomed though, with the likes of Olivier Giroud, Jason Momoa and Jake Gyllenhaal all sporting sleek styles that are groomed and conditioned to perfection.

Trendhim is a one stop shop for beard care needs. A beautiful beard needs a range of products to keep it in tip top condition. This includes beard shampoo, styling balms and butters to make the hair soft and manageable, beard conditioning oils, and special combs and brushes for styling. Trendhim covers all these bases, and has a wide range of beard products that can suit both the short clipped facial hair, and the rather more hirsute styles.

The Guardenza Valdivan beard and face wash comes in a 250ml bottle whose design recalls the Greek Gods of the past. This is an all natural product, with Aloe Vera at its heart. It is handmade in the Netherlands with enriching ingredients that keep the skin and beard hydrated. It also includes soap bark extract, which provides cleansing, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It comes in a decent 250ml bottle which means it will last a decent amount of time, and is receiving rave reviews on Google for its gentleness and lack of an over powering scent.

The product is worth £25 but I have teamed with Trendhim to offer one lucky winner the chance to win a bottle.

To enter please follow the directions below.

Win A Guardenza Beard And Face Wash



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