Win! An Annual Subscription To MentalUP

Trying to keep your child’s brain active during the long months of lockdown in a way that is not linked to school work is not the easiest thing to do, especially if you are struggling with that school work, but MentalUP, the award winning brain app for children aged 4-13 years old is certainly one thing that could help.

The award winning brain app has 5 million users worldwide and was developed by game designers and academics incorporating innovative teaching methods to offer dozens of mind games with suitable difficulty levels to improve cognitive skills in a gamified format to engage children. The idea is that children are training their brain and learning and developing, but think that they are playing a game, hence they enjoy the activity and continue to ‘play’, all the time improving their ability to think.

The app addresses five key skills: Attention, Memory, Problem Solving (Logic), Visual and Verbal and includes sub-skills such as counting skills, and geometry.  Importantly it provides a safe space for children as it does not include any adverts, harmful content or in-app purchases. The premium version of the app, which usually costs just £20 for an annual subscription, provides access to over 120 games (compared to 20 on the free version) and includes reporting systems which MentalUP believes is important in the current situation in order to help parents monitor progress, provide skills analysis and highlighting strengths and weaknesses so that they (and teachers when they return to school) can easily track children’s cognitive development and compare with same age groups.

As mentioned, the Premium version of the App costs £20 for an annual subscription, and can be downloaded from the App Store. You can find out more information by visiting


I have teamed up with MentalUP to give away five annual subscriptions worth £20 each. There are various ways to enter. See below.

Win! An Annual Subscription to MentalUP


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