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We all deserve a sweet treat at some time, but for many of us this is counteracted by the fact that we are trying to eat healthier, are trying to look carefully at our sugar intake, and are trying our best to put better foods into our bodies. A sweet treat just isn’t a treat when we are faced with guilt because we feel we have ‘cheated’ the diet and thus cheated ourselves too.

Deliciously Guilt Free is a brownie brand that understands this, knowing we want to eat the delicious cakes, but also want them to be healthier if possible. Their brownies and blondies have no artificial sweeteners, no mallitol and no transfats. The brownies are naturally gluten free.Their story is that you should be able to enjoy a treat without compromising your diet, particularly if you follow a low sugar/low carb/keto lifestyle for health reasons.

Deliciously Guilt Free brownies started with us adopting a sugar free and low carb lifestyle but struggling to find sugar free baked goods with clean, natural ingredients. Every low carb snack we found was filled with fake ingredients and chemicals, so we decided to experiment with baking our own. 

They now create and deliver a delicious range of Brownies that taste wonderful, and are available in all your favourite flavours. These can be delivered to your door in boxes of 8, and the boxes can be just your favourite flavour, or a mixed box. The Brownies are wonderfully soft and moist, and are totally full of flavour. My favourite is the Salted caramel blondie  which contains just 1.1g net carbs per blondie and has the most scrumptious caramel taste, it is hard to eat just one of these to be honest.

Other flavours include traditional chocolate fudge and peanut butter brownie, a fruity blueberry and lemon drizzle cake, and this month’s special which is pecan butterscoth blondie. Each brownie is perfect just as it is, ready to be enjoyed with a coffee, but of course you could also eat them warm with a dollop of cream or ice cream if you wanted to really treat yourself (fat free of course!)

Competition Time

Fashion-mommy has teamed with Deliciously Guilt Free this Easter for one lucky person to win a box of ‘The Favourites’.

“The Favourites” mixed box contains classic and most popular flavours of all time. In each box you’ll find:

UK entrants only.

Deliciously Guilt Free Giveaway


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