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One of the biggest success stories in recent years has been the rise of the subscription box. Whether it be beauty, food even shavers and razors, there are a myriad of boxes that adults can subscribe to, in order to have a treat delivered to their door once a month. Now, Mysteries in Time have decided to take the idea of the subscription box and make it child friendly, with both an educational and fun slant, with their history for kids box.

The Mysteries in Time subscription box is aimed at children aged 7-11, and is designed for those who love history, or maybe just want to learn a little more about a topic. The first box is all about the Ancient Egyptians and is a mixture of craft, reading, colouring and fact finding. Each box is designed to take your child through a journey, with the box itself designed to look like a time machine that will take the two featured characters, Max and Katie, and your child, back in time.

Inside each box you will find an information sheet which gives you an idea how the box and its contents should be used. In the first box there is a storybook, ‘Max & Katie’s Egyptian Adventure’ which is a starting point for using the box, and there is also a magazine, which is also filled with facts, pictures to colour and lots of images to help make Egypt come alive. There is also a large map which would be a great addition to a bedroom wall where your child could plot all their current, and future travels.

I love the idea of this box, it is not only great fun, but it is informative and really encouraging of learning. It gives your child plenty of things to do, things that would certainly keep them occupied during wet weekends, or school holidays, and particularly in our current climate. Children love to learn, especially when it is also fun and doesn’t feel like actual learning, so this is just perfect for those reluctant learners, and it will also be exciting for them to receive their own special post once a month.

There are plenty of subscription options, from a one of box, to 3,6 and 12 monthly plans, and each box can be personalised with the name of the recipient. There are two different packages to match your price point, from the classic to the bumper package, with prices starting at £7.95.

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