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Win! xtava Pro-Satin Infrared Straightener

There is a bit of a fallacy about hair straighteners that they are only useful for people who have curly, or at least wavy hair. But that is simply not the case.Hair Straighteners and flat irons are brilliant for all sorts of shoulder length and long hair types and can add so much in terms of styling, shine and removing static to give us a lovely looking, glossy mane.

The xtava Pro-Satin Infrared Straightener is an affordable (less than £30) Professional Flat Iron with Tourmaline Ceramic Plates. It uses infrared heat technology which causes less damage to your hair – very important if you straighten your hair on a regular basis, and takes just 90 seconds to heat up, which again is important if you are short on time, or want to straighten your hair before you leave for work in the mornings.

The xtava Pr-Satin straightener is very easy to use, the plates are not too heavy which can make your arm ache to use them, and the swivel cord means you are not trying to stay in one position to straighten your locks, you can twist and turn as you need. I love the factIthat the plates are wide, it does mean I can straighten a lot more hair in one go, making these fast and efficient to use.

Another great selling point about these tongs are that they come in their own travel bag that is a foiled, zipped pocket. This makes them ideal for putting in your suitcase for some time away. The foiled pocket means that you don’t have to wait until they have totally cooled until you put them away, and of course gives you a space saving storage option.

I have straight hair, but use straighteners to tame the static. flyaway issues that my hair suffers with, particularly just after washing. I find that the xtava straigheners quickly leave my hair looking shiny and sleek, meaning I am set to go without needing a trip to a salon.

These would make a great Christmas gift and are currently on sale at Amazon for £29.99, but you can win your own set by entering the competition below.



Win the xtava Pro-Satin Infrared Straightener #3

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