Winter’s all wrapped up with New Look’s Iconic Styles.

For the first time this morning I have woken up and felt cold. I am suddenly facing the urge to go out shopping and buy hats, scarves and gloves…and maybe even a new coat. I’m not really a winter person, and so to me the only plus point to winter is the fabulous excuse to buy warm and snug clothing. There are lots of great items on the High Street at the moment, and many stores are having a pre-Christmas sale. New Look is one such store, with up to an amazing 50% off many of its key items. And some of their key items have a distinctly iconic look…

Does anything say Winter more than a beanie hat? This cute pompom effort brings to mind Natalie Portman in Beautiful Girls,one of my absolute fave films, and Ali McGraw in Love Story.

knitted bobble hat 

I am totally obsessing about 1930s style at the moment after watching the movie ‘Glorious 39’. Think this stole is something Romola Garai’s character Ann would’ve worn.

Faux Fur Stole 

And speaking of the 1930s, check out this amazing fur collared coat. Another retro look at an amazing price point.

Drop belt fur collar coat 

The fashion world fell in love with Pippa Middleton’s blue Sara Berman coat, now you can tap into that P-Middy style with this blue Melton Crombie Coat for just £25.

Melton crombie coat £25 

Sienna Miller proved that jumpers needn’t be oversized, smoky efforts. Her cute peach jumper was a Summer hit. Now channel the style in this green winter style that would look great with a pencil skirt.

string cable jumper £16.09 

Stripy jumpers always look cool and stylish, and Alexa Chung is the queen of this style trend. This jumper could look great with shorts and tights, or worn simply with jeans.

Boxy striped jumper 

And finally…what wardrobe could be without a 70s style floppy hat. Kate Moss has made this look her own, but I steal this look every single winter. It is ideal for cold days…and bad hair days!

wool felted floppy hat £6.99 

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