Working From Home – The Essentials For Your Home Office

2020 is destined to be remembered as the year when so many people had to work from home due to the Covid 19 outbreak, and the home office became one of the most important rooms in your house. 

For many of us, working from home was not a new experience, but trying to do it with the kids also proved the importance of having a quiet space where we could work without disturbance and be able to concentrate, especially if working included conference calls and zoom meetings.

Even though we have moved out of lockdown, we have not all moved from working from home (my brother, an accountant for a firm, has been told this may be a reality until January) and so the time is right to look at our home office setups to ensure we have the essentials that make our reality just that little bit easier.

What do we need to make working from home a less stressful, more productive experience?

A good Chair

The reality is that a desk could be any old table at the right height, but the office chair should be one that is not only comfortable to sit in for hours, but also supports your posture, your pelvis and your back. The best seats are totally adjustable, with the back, armrests and seat angle all movable, and the chair should definitely have armrests as these are yet another support for your back. If you are going to be sitting in this chair for hours, make sure it is a quality one.

You can add a good orthopedic seat cushion that will help your posture and aid in proper back alignment. Having this kind of cushion helps relieve pressure on your lower back, preventing back pain and allowing you more comfort when you have to sit all day .

A printer

Whereas we all know the importance of some kind of computer system for our home office (whether this be an actual computer, or some kind of laptop/chrome book, we often forget that when working from home, we actually need a good printer too. This can be for printing out facts and figures, sending paperwork to clients as a hard copy, even if just printing out documents for your records. Luckily printers have come down in price a lot over the years, and you can get all pretty much any ink cartridge, ink or toner from Cartridge Save, who offer both original and compatible cartridges on next day delivery, perfect if you are working to a deadline. Another office tool that would be useful is a shredder. You could organize your documents with shredders from

Adequate Storage

If you are going to have lots of files and paperwork, then adequate storage where you can be totally organised is a must. If your room is small, or a strange shape, then custom built cabinets Dallas could be just the ticket, and could also add a touch of style to a room where you will be spending a lot of time.

A whiteboard

One of the main issues with working from home is the lack of other people to bounce ideas off. A whiteboard doesn’t change this, but can give you a space where you can write down thoughts, link your ideas and thinking, and see all your work right in front of you, which can help you see issues and find solutions. Large whiteboards are another work aid that have become more affordable in recent times, just make sure you have lots of wipe clean pens and post it notes to organise that thinking.

Do you work from home? What are your office essentials?


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