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Worrying for our children’s futures.

As adults, I think it is an inbuilt part of our pysche to worry. We worry about bills, money, our health and our jobs. But mostly, we worry about our children. As a mother of a six year old boy, I constantly find myself dithering about him. I worry about school, if he has friends, I worry myself sick when he is ill. But what really worries me is when I begin to think about his future. What sort of a life will he have, and what will the world we live in be like then?

I worry about my boy's future.
I worry about my boy’s future.

My Voucher Codes has recently conducted a really interesting survey, asking people from all over the UK what most worries them for their children’s future. There were lots of different concerns that came up, and some of these had a topical, or geographical slant. It is no surprise that parents in the South East were worried about House prices and High Rents, worrying if their children would ever get on the housing ladder. Many parts of the UK were also clearly worried about extremism, terrorism and safety – no real surprise in the increasingly unstable world we are living in. (You can read the article in full and see the full results here.)

I was most interested to read the results from the West Midlands, where I live. There, a huge number (71%) said that their main worry was financial instability and the economy. I have to totally agree with this. Unemployment figures are very high in parts of the Midlands, with lots of boarded up shops and pubs, and many factories and businesses closing. The unemployment rate is supposedly falling in the area, but those figures do not take into account zero hours contracts or short term employment. Certainly, the rise in food banks, including one in my own village, do not fill me with positivity, and I worry that this will only get worse as Joe grows older.

Emergency Food Banks Stretched As More And More People Struggle To Pay Their Bills

The Rise of the Foodbank - from The Guardian
The Rise of the Foodbank – from The Guardian

Mark Pearson founder of My Voucher Codes, commented on the results of the research: ‘From what we have found from speaking to parents, it seems that that many of them are worried about the effects of the economy, whether that is financial instability or house prices and high rents for their children’s future. The recent budget announcements seem to have many parents concerned about what the future holds, especially for their children.’

What worries you about your children’s future?


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  • Kacie

    I don’t have children as yet, but if I did, I think I too would be concerned about what the future will be like for them. Who knows what life will be like in 10/20 years time… X

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