Yoga And Relaxation During Lockdown

Lockdown 2 started today, and with it the prospect of spending a further 4 weeks at home to save lives. The first lockdown also coincided with Spring, and an unseasonably hot spring at that, but we are now in November, with the prospect of colder days to come, long nights and a lot less time spent outside. Despite all this, the need for exercise is strong, not just for our bodies, but for our mind and general wellbeing.

One form of exercise that saw a rise in popularity throughout lockdown 1 was yoga. With gyms now closed again Yoga is sure to see another rise in the numbers who take part. It is easy to see why – it is a form of exercise that can be done indoors, it doesn’t need a lot of space, you can do it on your own, you just need a Pureful Yoga cork mat and you don’t need lots of equipment. Factor in that it helps with relaxation and wellbeing, and that it can help with some of the strain injuries that come from working from home (still computer neck anyone) and you can see why yoga could be one of the most popular forms of exercise in Winter 2020/1.

So if you want to take up yoga, what should you do, and what do you need. The answer is that you need to buy very little. A yoga mat is one investment that is worth buying, I love the ones at Pixels which feature beautiful artwork from community of independent artists and iconic global brands. These are made from eco friendly PVC and can be shipped to anywhere in the world. They are non slip and wipe clean, making them easy to use and maintain.

What else do you need? Clothing wise, you can literally just wear leggings and a loose fit t-shirt, you do not need specific clothing, although Love Leggings do some fantastic sports leggings that offer support and comfort. You can access yoga classes online through You Tube, literally just type in ‘yoga’ in your you tube search enging and you will have a list of workouts (I recommend Adriene Mishler whose name is usually first in the answers list, and who totally understands we may not be yoga experts.)

Taking some time to relax and heal with Yoga is the perfect way to wind down if (like me) you currently feel like an overwound clock. It is also the opportunity to take some me time whilst the kids are still at school, to switch off that news channel that continues to stress you, and to simply chill.

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