Your Face On A Martini At The Canalhouse

The Canalhouse, situated on Bridge Street in Birmingham, is already one of my fave pit stops for food and cocktails in the city, and now it has launched a new twist on your fave martini’s that is sure to attract everyone, from girls on a night out, to romantic couples enjoying their first date. Because who, in all honesty, can resist seeing their face reflected in their favourite cocktail?

On Sunday I went along for dinner with my hubby Pete to try the cocktails and see just how easy it was to upload your photo, and then enjoy. Since its opening, in Summer 2017, The Canalhouse has built up a reputation for interesting cocktails that are a spin on old favourites, a range of beers and ales, and good homecooked food including items from the Rotisserie, pies and mash, and a good range of charcuterie share boards. I often pop there for food if I am seeing a show at the nearby Birmingham Rep, and enjoy the cool surroundings, friendly staff and chilled atmosphere.

So, about these Selfie cocktails. You can choose from a Pornstar Martini or an Espresso Martini and you simply upload your chosen photograph via an app that you are given a code for on request, and then they bar staff do the rest. We had one of each, and not only did they taste absolutely delicious, but they also looked fabulous, and definitely get a great reaction when you share them on social media.

Of course, even though the outing was very much about cocktails, that didn’t mean that food wasn’t very much on the table. The Canalhouse is well known for their Hanging Kebabs and I opted for the chicken version, which also incorporated peppers, mushrooms and onion, along with perfectly cooked chips. I love how you drizzle the garlicky oil over the top of the kebab so that it drizzles down and infuses the whole kebab with this warm, delicious flavour.

As it was Sunday, my husband opted for one of the roast options, choosing the belly pork which also came, unusually with a Yorkshire pudding. Hubby proclaimed that everything was cooked perfectly and tasted delicious, although he did say that the portion was slightly on the small side for a Sunday lunch.

The desserts at The Canalhouse are fabulous, a mixture of old favourites and new soon to be classics. I went for Sticky Toffee pudding which was served warm with ice cream and this was just lovely, it didn’t contain dates as some versions do, just very soft sponge and a gorgeous treacle style toffee. Pete went for the chocolate and peanut pudding which was a sort of deep chocolate mousse with peanuts and a baked banana – quite an unusual, but tasy combination.

For good cocktails, delicious food, decent service and a chilled atmosphere, The Canalhouse is well worth a visit.

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