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Your Luxurious Bathroom – Finishing Touches

Even the smallest bathroom can be transformed into a luxurious space with the addition of a few choice pieces of furniture and accessories. It is a place to relax and recharge those batteries at the end of a long day, and therefore it should feel like a sort of sanctuary – a room that feels both finished and polished. Makeovers can obviously be expensive, but there are shortcuts to creating your favourite space, and cheaper ways to make your space look a million dollars.

Here are a few other things that need to be considered when it comes to your perfect, tranquil space.

Stick On Tiles

Obviously tiles are very important in your bathroom, and would definitely count as a big job if they need replacing, either due to discolouration, chipping, or changing of a colour scheme. Their is an alternative however, one which does not need a single bit of grout. Sticker Wall Tiles can be literally stuck over any wall or tile in order to give the impression of a new tile. They use a powerful adhesive which means they will last, and are both heat proof and water resistant, making them perfect for bathrooms. They are available in a range of designs which means you can actually change the look of your bathroom with very little cost or mess.


When you create your beautiful space it is so easy to forget the practical issues that the room might have. Like, for instance, does it have any storage spaces. There is nothing that spoils the look of a room quite so much as bottles of bubble bath that sit on the side of the bath. Put them away people. Glass shelves look so attractive and also help to give the illusion of space, whilst displaying your lotions and potions in such a way as to make a feature of them. They will keep your bathroom looking neat and tidy, and so stylish as a result.

Your Shower Curtain

Shower curtains used to be so dull and boring – one block colour, just a practical but dull necessity. Not anymore. These days your shower curtains can be another reflection of your personality, with a theme and design that really shows off your taste. So, if you’re idea of a perfect place is the beach, you can have a beach themed curtain. Sex and the City fan still hankering for the return of Carrie and the girls? How about a Manhattan night themed curtain. Opt for an extra long shower curtain to avoid filling your bathroom floor with pools of water – these can also be used for roll top stand alone baths too.

A light up Shaving Mirror

This is one bathroom item that my husband claims you cannot not have in a bathroom. A magnifying shaving mirror can, of course, also double up as a make up mirror. The good news is that a light up, magnifying shaving mirror takes up hardly any space at all (they often sit on window ledges) and can be picked up at bargain prices at this time of the year, Boots have a particularly good one that is often the Star Buy and is well worth a look.


Some people keep these in the bedroom, but I think a hook on the back of the bathroom door is where your bathrobe should be kept. Think of the classiest hotels that you have stayed in over the years, and it is a good guess that a white fluffy bathrobe would’ve been a feature. Look at stores like John Lewis and Debenhams for a good quality robe in cotton waffle or Turkish cotton, or you could check out Zara Home. who have a great robe for less than £20 in their mid season sale.





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