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I posted a few days ago about my fave Summer bag trends, but what about the essentials that you find yourself carrying in Summer. My bag has a distinctly different feel when it comes to its contents, and I am not just talking about the fact that I have at least three pairs of sunglasses living there. There are other things that I seem to carry, whether I be home or abroad, that will be banished generally once the sun disappears.

Here are the Summer Handbag essentials

The Bag itself. Only one real requirement, it has to be big and roomy enough to carry things like a cardi or shawl, just in case. Topshop is one of my favourite destinations when it comes to choosing a bag, you can check out Topshop reviews for yourself at Britain Reviews so you can make an informed decision. I also love Longchamp bags that are both stylish and practical as they fold down, making them great for packing in your suitcase when traveling.

Haya Snake Effect Hobo Bag
£29.00 Click to visit Topshop
WOVEN Red Tassel Tote Bag
Was £28.00 Now £10.00 Click to visit Miss Selfridge

LONGCHAMP Le Pliage large shopper £80.00
Click to visit Selfridges

Femfresh Wipes

The really hot weather has us worrying more and more about personal hygiene. Femfresh have launched their freshening and soothing wipes in a great travel size packets that will fit easily into your handbags for everyday use, festivals and holidays.

I find these to be a godsend, particularly in toilets that have no paper, they smell really nice and the new packaging is just gorgeous.

Femfresh wipes 25s £1.57 Save £1.58 Was £3.15
Click to visit Boots

Zap-It Mosquito Bite Relief

One of the worst things about going away on holiday is the chance of getting a mosquito bite. These can often be really sore and itch like hell, and definitely mare that perfect tan. Zap-It is a tiny tool that can offer real relief if you suffer a bite, and yet is small enough to attach to your keys.

The Zap-It is a small device which delivers a safe electrical charge onto your bite. This stops the release of the histamine that causes the itching, hence stopping that urge to scratch. You can zap the bite as many times as you like.

Zap-It Mosquito Insect Bite Relief Device £4.10 Click to visit Amazon

Batiste Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a summer life saver, especially if you are heading out to a festival or are doing the straight from the office to the bar, but your hair needs a pick me up. Batiste have a new range of fragrances that come in travel sizes that will fit into even the smallest of bags.

Batiste will revive your hair, remove some of the greasy residue from the roots and it will smell lovely too. I love the blush fragrance which is really fresh and pretty.

Another good option is a sulfate free shampoo bar. A vegan bar not only smells amazing, but it avoids unnecessary packaging, and can last for ages, making it a really affordable beauty treat that is perfect for traveling and festivals, and also to have on the shelf in your bathroom.

Batiste Dry Shampoo On The Go Blush 50ml £1.50 Click to visit Superdrug

Sleek Vitality Foundation

Many of us wear a lot less make up in Summer, but my skin sometimes suffers from the effects of the sun, with dryness, so it doesn’t necessarily look its best. One of my must haves is the Sleek Vitality Foundation for a couple of important reasons, it is oil free (with an oily t-zone I have no need for more oil on my face), and it is moisturising and adds hydration.

The tube it comes in is great for putting in a zipped compartment in your bag, and the cream offers light to medium coverage, which feels just enough in Summer when you don’t want to put a heavy face on. Sleek Vitality Foundation comes in 24 shades.

Sleek MakeUP Vitality Foundation £8.99 Click to visit Boots

Dentek Floss Picks And Case

Dentek floss picks are great for those who eat out a lot, and want to avoid picking bits of food out of their teeth all day. They come in cute neon cases and not only do they help to remove food and plaque, which can help reduce tooth decay, but they also give a mouthwash blast that helps you to have fresh, minty breath.

Great for traveling, and times when you may not be able to brush your teeth, these are definitely hand bag friendly.

DenTek Floss Pick & Case 4 x cases
£3.00 Click to visit Boots





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