Zuru Smashers Series 2 – Fab Halloween Fun And A Competition

You may remember last year when we reviewed Zuru Toys Smashers Series one. The range of collectibles came with a unique selling (or maybe smashing would be a better word) in that you had to smash the ball shaped shell which the Smashers came in,. in order to get to the collectible figure. Joe absolutely loved them and has been collecting them throughout the year, loving the fact that one of his hereos, the Tekkerz Kid, is also a fan. (Click here to see that link)

Now we are onto series 2, and the latest set have a definite Halloween vibe. Zuru Smashers have cleverly combined two things that kids love – smashing things and scary stuff, and have put them together with a range of other toys, including the amazing Robo Alive Spider and that other child favourite and parent nightmare Oosh slime.

The lastest Smashers look like eyeballs rather than footballs, and once again contain a range of collectibles, with the aim to get an ultra rare Smashers – the Holy Grail when you’re under 10. Their are a range of Smashers with different catogories including Toilet Humour, Smash Trash, Odd Bodies and Glow in the Dark amongst many more. Joe was excited by the catagory called Odd Bodies, finding these to be particularly funny, and he liked how he could once again store them in his Smashers Bus so he didn’t lose them.

Smashers are great fun, and although these have a Halloween slant, they would definitely work well as Christmas presents as they have just the right amount of grossness that all kids seem to love. Combined with the Robo Alive Spider, which, one it is placed on a wooden floor shoots off so fast it really looks like a rather large version of the real thing (not advised with those with arachnophobia to be honest), but is great fun for everyone else,Zuru Toys have put together plenty of Halloween/Christmas Fun.

And now you can win your own.

Competition Time

Zuru Toys have very kindly given Fashion-mommy readers the chance to win everything I received. 1x Smashers 1 pack, 1 x Smashers 3 pack, 1 x Smashers 8 pack, Oosh 2 x small slime and 1 Robo Alive Spider.

The competition is open to UK readers only.

Win all of this!

Zuru Toys Halloween Giveaway


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