5 Tips to dressing up your jumpsuit or romper

Jumpsuits and rompers are stylish and great if you want to achieve that chic look, especially in the warm weather. You can wear them out for different occasions whether it is during the day or at night. Better still, you can also dress up or down easily to suit the occasion. But you have to be careful and choose the one that fits you properly if you want to look great.

Here are tips to help you get that look as you dress up your jumpsuit or romper.

  1. Try it out before you buy

For that chic look, your romper or jumpsuit needs to fit you perfectly. Therefore, before you buy, try it on. It does not matter if it is your size or it is a brand that you know. By trying on, you will ensure that it is of the right length and the neckline and waistline are where they should be.  It should not be too loose or too tight.

  1. Accessories

When dressing up your romper or jumpsuit, you need to accessorize to get your desired look depending on the occasion. Choose the right accessories by carefully selecting shoes, belt, and jewelry. For instance, you can wear strappy heels with your wide legged jumpsuit or add a belt to your jumpsuit or romper for that curvy look.

When dressing up your jumpsuit, match your shoe color to that of the belt for that chic look. Choose jewelry that will stand out such as large earrings or large necklace. For formal occasions, go for gold jewelry while you can use colors for casual styles.

For a formal occasion, you can accessorize your solid-colored jumpsuit with a blazer, heels, a dainty handbag and a gold watch, bracelet or earrings. For a summer look, you can pair your romper with sandals and a kimono.

You can wear your romper even in the cold season. In spring, you can pair with boots, a chunky sweater, and a scarf while in winter you can include tights.

  1. Check the design

Rompers and jumpsuits have various designs. Get a design that fits you. To ensure that the back does not have a flat look, make sure they have buttons or pockets at the back.

Do you prefer floral or solid color jumpsuit or romper? Do you want a wide legged or a slim jumpsuit? The design of your jumpsuit or romper should be determined by the occasion you intend to wear it. For instance, you should wear a solid colored jumpsuit for formal occasions and floral ones for outings.

  1. Layering

You can layer your jumpsuit or romper to help you appear chic and to suit a particular occasion. For casual outings, you can wear a leather or jeans jacket and for formal settings, you can wear a blazer. Just make sure the color tones of your blazer matches your jumpsuit or they are contrasting. For instance, a light rose blazer can match well with a floral jumpsuit.

You can also layer your jumpsuit underneath using a top or a shirt. For instance, in winter, you can try a turtleneck sweater and during summer you can layer with an off the shoulder top.

  1. Hairstyle

Your hairstyle plays a big role in pulling that jumpsuit or romper look. When dressing up for formal occasions, a polished updo will look best on you while you should wear your hair down for casual rompers and jumpsuits.

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