Sorting Your Home Finances With Golden State Partners

I have been writing a lot of posts lately that look at saving money. These have been ways to cut down on your bills through reducing and consolidating your payments with low interest rate credit cards like the kind offered by Golden State Partners, which cut your repayments and help you to consolidate lots of bills in one easier payment, cutting down on your shopping bills, and changing your energy suppliers on a regular basis in order to make savings.

Today I want to look at some of those bills that you have that are unavoidable, and are probably amongst the largest outgoings in your life. I am talking about your mortgage payments, and the bills associated with your home, including any insurances that you might be paying. Where people do seem to look at the smaller household bills and make changes, things like your mobile phone, television service provider, gas and electric etc, when it comes to your large house related bills, people seem to leave these alone. The reality is that this can be a mistake, as you could be saving a lot of money, particular if you are currently on variable interest packages.

Why not change that mortgage?

I genuinely believe that the reason so many people stay locked into a mortgage far longer than they need to be is the paperwork and the endless jargon that can literally put people off from changing. Many people start with a mortgage from their bank that may seem like an easy option, but is not necessarily the best in terms of your payments and finances.

One way to get around this is by using a financial adviser or a financial service.  A service like this can do the hard work for you, looking for the right deals that will suit you, will cut your payments and basically be able to explain all this to you. In addition, if you have any spare equity, either in terms of savings that you may have, or in terms of new savings that you may be making, they can look at investing this for you as a nest egg for when you retire, giving you a portfolio that you didn’t have before.

Insurance Outgoings

Home insurance. Contents insurance. Mortgage life insurance. The one thing that is certain is that you definitely need them all. But that is the only certain thing, because depending on the company you use for these services, you may be paying an excessive amount for something that could be so much cheaper elsewhere.

Again, these are services that many organise at the time of starting a mortgage, and then forget to look at or change for a better deal. I was guilty of this myself with my home and content, but now use price comparison sites to check out new deals each year before I renew. This is something to remember, most deals are only locked in for a year, and after the year, if you see a better deal, you can change.

If time is a struggle, you can once again seek advice from a financial adviser (I did this when I changed initially, until I felt confident to do this for myself) and you can also look at companies who maybe provide other insurance for you – does your car insurance firm offer home insurance and could you make a saving if you had both through them?

One thing is certain though.You will not save anything if you don’t even look at changing.

Mermaid Styling From Rosewe

As we start to look towards party season, and, in particular, Christmas party dressing, we may want to find a showstopping dress, without a stop you in your tracks price tag. If this is the case, then you need to take a look at Rosewe. Established in 2009, so celebrating its 10th birthday this year, Rosewe likes to offer serious style that is a little different to what you find on the High Street, but at affordable prices that means you can afford to treat yourself to one or more pieces.

Rosewe excels when it comes to occasion dressing, so if you are looking for something special for a party or event, you will find something at Rosewe, and will probably pay less than £40. Take the dress below. This is the Off the Shoulder Dark Grey Sequin Embellished Sheath Dress, and currently it costs £31.51.

If you think it sounds too good to be true, then you would be wrong. This dress is beautiful, surprisingly easy to wear, and just so glamorous, giving you mermaid feels with the fantail detail and all those sequins. The fit is true to size (consult the size guide on the website) and the addition of a bit of spandex allows for movement, food belly and fluctuations in weight that we women have to put up with.

The dress has a good fit, and also has some invisible shoulder straps if your require a little more structure and support (I just tucked those in). The front V adds a touch of cleavage, but not too much, so although this dress does have a Jessica Rabbit feel, it is not too revealing and is quite flattering in length, colour (sort of a gunmetal grey sequin with a silver shimmer) and cut.

This dress will easily take you to any black tie occasion and you will truly feel special and glamorous wearing it, it is just so pretty.

Finding A Healthier You


Becoming a mom is one of the most physically gruelling things you can do to your body, though sadly without the end result of washboard abs or a pert booty. When you have a young family, it’s so easy to let fitness fall on your list of priorities but this only leads to low self-esteem and even lower energy levels.. You can make the decision to prioritise your fitness regime, and one that works for you by making smart choices, and working out for a small period of time, every day. Here are some ways you can do so quickly, and effectively, even with a busy lifestyle.

Image by Sangudo used under the Creative Commons license.

Power walk to victory

Walking is the best thing you can do for your body to slowly build strength and fitness without putting unnecessary stress on it. If you can’t neglect your everyday chores to make time for a stroll, then build walking into your day’s routine. Park a few blocks away from the supermarket and make up the distance on foot. Walk the kids to school if it’s in the local neighbourhood, vow to take the dog on a brisk walk every morning, and make play dates with other moms for a stroll rather than a sedentary hour in the park. At the weekend, a hike is the perfect way for your family to get healthy together. Make sure everyone is well-equipped with good quality walking socks and boots, and work together to navigate to make it engaging.

Add a Multivitamin Complex

Our body does not always get all that it needs from our diets and lifestyle, so we sometimes need to give it a helping hand. Adding a multi vitamin from Epsilon Life could be the answer if we feel we need to give our immune and digestive system a boost. Epsilon’s Multivitamin and Mineral complex is Vegan certified, and  has, among other ingredients Iron, B-complex, Ginkgo Biloba and Ginseng. It will give you all the vitamins you need in one tablet, and not only will you feel better, but you will look better too, with healthier looking hair and skin.

Resolve to eat well

Your fitness is about 30% exercise and 70% diet, so the importance of what foods you choose to put in your body cannot be overstated. If you have a busy lifestyle, aim to eat small meals, often, to sustain energy and concentration. Ditch sugary, processed food, and anything you have been using as a crutch to get you through the day, whether it’s that third cup of coffee, cans of diet soda or chocolate bars. Exercise and a positive attitude will eventually replace these. Snack on fruit, veg, boiled eggs, nuts and cottage cheese, and whatever you do, don’t skip breakfast.

Make some time for you

You can power walk and chow down on granola bars all day long, but if you’re mentally frazzled, it probably won’t help much. Allocate a set time every day (or every few days) which is just for you. This might be an hour in which you go for a massage. You may want to indulge in an evening yoga class, or spend the morning painting. It could be a creative writing class, or a book group. Whatever it is that helps you reconnect with yourself, make time for it. Your sense of personal well-being depends on it.