3 Tips to Protect the Foundations of Your Home

Water damage to the foundations of your home can be a serious issue. The damage can quickly spread to other areas of the building and lead to some very costly repairs. If a home has not been built upon a solid foundation or the foundations are not properly maintained, this can result in cracks, leaks or even subsidence.

It is vital that you inspect the foundations of any property before purchase and it is also important that you do all that you can to protect your property from any future damage. Here are three tips from the experts at Screwfast Foundations Limited about how to protect the foundations of your home…

  1. Inspect the property
    Inspect your property boundaries and check that the ground slopes away from your foundation. This will ensure that any water on the ground flows away from your home, instead of pooling near your property and seeping into the foundations. If water is pooling around your home, try to remove the water and fill or level those areas using dirt or gravel. It is also important to look for cracks or signs of water damage in the walls of your property.
  2. Drains & Gutters
    Ensure you have a well maintained drainage system and make sure you clear away any debris that may have collected in your gutters on a regular basis. This will ensure that water flows through them effectively and is correctly routed away from your foundation. Whilst cleaning your gutters it is also a good idea to inspect them for any cracks or leaks.
  3. Landscaping
    During the dry summer months it is important to keep the land around your property moist to prevent the soil from drying up and shrinking. This can lead to movements in your foundation and cause cracks in your walls or paving. One of the best ways to maintain an optimal level of moisture in the land around your home is to use a hose or sprinkler system to water the grass in your garden. It is also recommended that you avoid planting trees too close to your property, as tree roots can cause major damage to the foundations of a property.

Iconic Style: Flag Clothing

When it comes to iconic looks and prints, those of the flags of the USA and the United Kingdom are pretty hard to beat. Worn patriotically, like Katy Perry in her Stars and Stripes dress, or Geri Halliwell flying the flag for Cool Britannia in a Union Jack dress that was apparently made from a tea towel, celebs have often turned to the flag when they are trying a real memorable statement.

Geri Halliwell and Sarah Jessica Parker in Union Jack dresses

Katy Perry in a Stars and Stripes Dress

Flag style can be all things to all people.It can be sexy, as shown by Katy and Geri, but it can also be cool and casual when worn in the style of a shirt or a tee shirt like the designs of Patriotic Clothing @ TheFlagShirt.com. The Flag Shirt also shows that the designs can be unisex, and can range to accessories like socks, to leggings for those trying to make a statement, Hawaiian style shirts for those hot summer days, and tie and die designs for those who want to add a modern edge to such a classic look.

The beauty of the flag style is that it is an affordable fashion choice. You can often pick up flag styles on souvenir stores just like Geri’s tea towel, and this is one style choice where it seems to be true when we say the cheaper the better. That said, key designers have also embraced the look, with Anglomania from Vivienne Westwood being one UK designer who often uses the British flag as a starting point (check out the incredible Zendaya in her Anglomania suit below) , and Catherine Malendrino created Halle Berry’s elegant take on the Stars and Stripes. Whilst the flag style can often be considered as a bit of fun, a la Miley Cyrus, it can also be incredible high fashion, as it looks on Zoe Saldana.

So fly the flag in style this season.

Club Tropicana Brings Fun And Sunshine To Wolverhampton

If your musical tastes tend to lead to the decade of shoulder pads, Dynasty, Ra Ra skirts and Wham, then you really need to make sure you check out ‘Club Tropicana’, the bright and shiny ode to 1980s package holidays that opened at the Wolverhampton Grand last night. Full of classic 80s songs by the likes of ABC, Aha, Cyndi Lauper and Depeche Mode, and with an hilarious, scene stealing performance by veteran comedienne Kate Robbins, Club Tropicana brings fun and sunshine in spades, and had its approving audience dancing in the aisles.

Olly and Lorraine are about to get married, when Lorraine gets cold feet and jilts Olly at the alter. She decides to go on the honeymoon, not realising that Olly and his friends have also chosen to go to the same hotel, the Club Tropicana (where the drinks are free, but only the first one). The hotel is ran by Serena and Robert, an obvious couple, except Robert doesn’t seem to realise it yet, and also has a team that includes entertainments manager Garry and cleaner Consuela. The hotel is in the running for a prestigious award, but someone is trying to sabotage their chances. Is snooty hotel guest Christine really the inspector, or does she have an ulterior motive for her designs on Garry?

Club Tropicana is the ultimate in camp, feelgood fun. It is hilariously funny, sometimes rude and saucy in the way of seaside postcards and Carry On films, and the cast are clearly having a great deal of fun with it, which translates to a great level of audience enjoyment. Joe McElderry once again proves himself to be a supreme talent, his vocals are already proven, but his comic touch and ability to send himself up mark him as a theatrical light for years to come. Former Sugababe Amelle Berrabah (Serena) and her leading man Neil McDermott (Robert) are also great, almost playing their roles straight as madness and mayhem go on all around them. Emily Tierney as Christine has fun with her camp, bitchy role, particularly when she sings the classic Temptation as she tries to seduce the Miami Vice like Robert. But it is Kate the great Robbins, as the hilarious Consuela,who really steals the show, whether it be gesturing ‘I’ve got a sign’, or showcasing her inimitable range of voices (including Jim Bowen I kid you not!). Her physical comedy is just so funny, she lights up every scene she is in.

Club Tropicana isn’t Shakespeare, but it is great fun. Definitely worth a look this Spring.


30 Apr – 04 May 2019

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