Iconic Style: Flag Clothing

When it comes to iconic looks and prints, those of the flags of the USA and the United Kingdom are pretty hard to beat. Worn patriotically, like Katy Perry in her Stars and Stripes dress, or Geri Halliwell flying the flag for Cool Britannia in a Union Jack dress that was apparently made from a tea towel, celebs have often turned to the flag when they are trying a real memorable statement.

Geri Halliwell and Sarah Jessica Parker in Union Jack dresses
Katy Perry in a Stars and Stripes Dress

Flag style can be all things to all people.It can be sexy, as shown by Katy and Geri, but it can also be cool and casual when worn in the style of a shirt or a tee shirt like the designs of Patriotic Clothing @ The Flag Shirt also shows that the designs can be unisex, and can range to accessories like socks, to leggings for those trying to make a statement, Hawaiian style shirts for those hot summer days, and tie and die designs for those who want to add a modern edge to such a classic look.

The beauty of the flag style is that it is an affordable fashion choice. You can often pick up flag styles on souvenir stores just like Geri’s tea towel, and this is one style choice where it seems to be true when we say the cheaper the better. That said, key designers have also embraced the look, with Anglomania from Vivienne Westwood being one UK designer who often uses the British flag as a starting point (check out the incredible Zendaya in her Anglomania suit below) , and Catherine Malendrino created Halle Berry’s elegant take on the Stars and Stripes. Whilst the flag style can often be considered as a bit of fun, a la Miley Cyrus, it can also be incredible high fashion, as it looks on Zoe Saldana.

So fly the flag in style this season.

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