Get Your Festival style sorted

Festival season will soon be upon us, and this year sees the biggie back, with Glastonbury once again promising to be memorable. Festivals are a great mixture of great style, great music, and, notoriously bad weather, but they are a part of Summer to enjoy and savour, whether you go for a single day or enjoy the whole camping/glamping experience.

Festivals in the UK are as famous for the inclement weather as they are for the music, and weather does tend to govern festival fashion. Unlike Coachella, white is never a good idea at British festivals, one downpour and that lovely fresh field becomes a total quagmire. That said, there have been some amazing festival fashion over the years, with Kate Moss being the reigning Queen of festival fashion, but with the likes of Lily Allen, Alexa Chung and Millie Mackintosh also showing us how it’s done.

Festival style

Glastonbury Festival

Florence Welch


Kate Moss


Alexa Chung


Lily Allen


Millie Mackintosh

British festival style is a cool mixture of Hunter Wellies, cut off denim hotpants worn with either shabby chic knitwear, tie and die, or vintage cotton. The aim of the look is to be eclectic, this mish mash of styles works to create a look that is both unique and practical, whatever the weather decides to throw at you.


Camping or Glamping?

Festivals often mean camping, with most festival goers setting up their own tents for the duration. But, if like me, camping is not your thing, and you prefer home comforts and luxury whilst enjoying the atmosphere of the festival, then maybe glamping is a better option for you.

The Yurtel Steanbow experience is the most luxurious way to experience Glastonbury this year, the one that I am sure Kate Moss would well appreciate. From deluxe bell tents, to Yurts full of home comforts, to the absolute creme de la creme, the luxury suites that come complete with cosy rugs, a shower room and front decking from which to enjoy the views of Glastonbury Tor, the experience allows you to enjoy all the fun of the festival, but to then chill out with Spa treatments, and to enjoy a la carte dining with not a dodgy burger in sight.

This is definitely the way to enjoy Glastonbury if you are just there for the music, and want to avoid the burger vans, portaloos and too much mud.

Are you going to a festival this year? Will you be camping or glamping?


Kitchen Style To Make Your Mouth Water

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For many families, the kitchen is the heart and soul of the home, and there is certainly no shortage of inspirational kitchen furniture and accessories to choose from these days. Whether your style is to create a cool, contemporary cooking space or if you love the idea of a traditional shaker style kitchen, you’ll be able to create your dream cooking and dining space with very little difficulty. Clever design means that even the smallest space can be utilised in order to give you plenty of storage, and your colour scheme is totally up to you – with classic wood, high gloss colours and sleek monochrome all popular in our anything goes culture.

For the perfect balance of style and practicality, you need to look carefully at the kind of countertops and worktops you choose. Premier Surfaces Zodiaq Countertops are beautiful quartz worktops which add a touch of luxury to your kitchen and are a great alternative to Corian designs. These are both attractive and durable surfaces that will complement a range of design schemes due to the expanding range of colours. Quartz worktops are a great investment for your kitchen, and it could be that you are able to update the look of your kitchen and make it more modern without completely changing the cupboards and units, but simply adding new countertops. This is great if you are want to upgrade, but have a tight budget.

When you choose a new design for your surfaces, try to find something that will compliment your flooring to make a real kitchen style statement. The London Sky design featured below is white, but tinged with the softest grey which means it looks great when paired with a crisp white floor, but as this can be hard to maintain, especially if you have a family, it would also contrast beautifully with a mid grey or even a charcoal tile.

If you are still struggling for a little kitchen makeover inspiration, why not turn to the celebrity world and the kitchens of the most in demand chefs?  You may not be able to copy the complete look, but are sure to find ideas that you can steal and adapt to your own home.

The following three cooks have created kitchens that are guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing.

Wolfgang Puck


Image source

When it comes to interior design panache, it’s hard to top Wolfgang Puck. The charismatic Austrian-born chef has created the ideal cooking space in his Spanish-style villa in Beverly Hills. Featuring a simple, white color scheme and plenty of storage, it offers the perfect

balance of elegance and practicality. Dominating the room is a center island featuring built-in wine racks and shelves. Meanwhile, glass-fronted cabinets house a host of items, including raw coffee beans from his mother-in-law’s home country of Ethiopia. The design is completed by a striking black floor.

Ina Garten


Image source

Ina Garten is another well-known cook with a kitchen to die for. In her barn-inspired house in East Hampton, New York, the author and Barefoot Contessa host has created a large cooking and entertaining space that exudes style and sophistication. It features a sizable central island complete with a bar and high stools. In an unusual touch, she has positioned table lamps on top of her work surfaces to provide soft lighting. To give the room a chic, contemporary look, the appliances are hidden away behind cabinet doors. Meanwhile, for extra storage, she has created a separate pantry area with simple wire shelving.

The kitchen also benefits from beautiful exposed ceiling beams and a large dining space complete with a circular table. Perfect for cold winter evenings, the room has a cosy log fire too.

James Martin


Image source

The cooking space of British chef and TV presenter James Martin is well worth checking out too. Boasting a large glass-fronted fridge, heavy duty chopping boards, open shelving, glass storage jars and a scattering of potted herbs, the kitchen contains elements of both the rustic and the contemporary. Giving the room added character, James has added a large feature clock to the back wall.

By taking a look at the design ideas of renowned chefs like these, you should find all the inspiration you need to create the perfect kitchen in your property.



Love Island – It’s back!

It was the surprise Summer TV hit of 2017, and the viewing figures and Twitter excitement looks set to make the 2018 version an even bigger hit. Yes, I am talking about Love Island, ITV2’s show where a host of beautiful people aim to find love in a gorgeous villa in Majorca. Think inane chatter, lots of fake tan and buff bodies, and not much in the way of clothing. It is gorgeously escapist, full of beautiful blue skies and it is totally addictive – but why?

Sex Sells

I think part of the reason for Love Island’s super popularity, especially amongst the younger generation is down to our attitudes towards sex, and the way that they are changing. I think we can all remember those early days of Big Brother, and the scandals that emerged when a couple of contestants seemed to be having a quick fumble under the covers, but contestants on Love Island have been quite open in having sex on screen, which mirrors what is happening in real life, with the rise of sex sites that cater to no strings dating and are now often free to use. The contestants may say they are looking for love, but the reality seems to be that fame and notoriety will do just as well, and sex seems a great way to achieve that.

Falling in Love

Another reason for the shows popularity could be that, ultimately, we are all romantics at heart and love the idea of watching people fall in love in front of our eyes, watching a relationship develop from tentative steps to full blown romance. Although watching this on TV may have felt strange to our grandparents generation, these days we tend to find love in less traditional ways, ranging from online dating sites, to speed dating and even through meeting people through Twitter, so meeting someone on television is very much par for the course in our digital, reality TV obsessed world.

The Beautiful People

Of course, the fact that the contestants are so good looking is no hindrance when it comes to the viewing figures. Perfect hair, teeth and nails, matched with endless legs and perfect buffed bodies all make Love Island an ‘easy on the eye’ viewing experience. The contestants are an assortment of models, personal trainers and all round gym bunnies, but there are also some endearing characters out there too, and this makes the show all the more compelling. This year Jack and Dani are early favourites with the Twitter crowd for their slightly goofy personalities, especially as Dani is the daughter of Eastenders Star Danny Dyer (yes, Danny did call his daughter Dani…which is the most Danny Dyer thing he could possibly have done.), whilst Jack apparently makes stationery interesting. My personal favourite is Niall from Coventry – gorgeous to look at, but also slightly geeky and down to earth, which makes him adorable and pretty irresistible.

Whether you are a fan of Love Island, or hate it with a passion, one thing is certain. In Summer 2018 it is going to be hard to avoid it.