The Body Shop Drops of Youth – The Verdict.

In February I was invited along to The Body Shop in Birmingham’s Grand Central to try out a range of new products. Called Drops of Youth, these products were infused with plant stem cells that were believed to make the skin look smoother and replenished, and yes, younger looking after continual use. (Ypu can read my initial post here.)

I have now been using the products daily for a month, and wanted to share my findings with you, is the Drops of Youth range really ‘all that’ when it comes to protecting and revitalising the skin?

My Skin issues

  • Ageing skin
  • Redness on the cheekbones area, this is generally in small patches, but can, on occasion be much more pronounced.
  • Oily t-zone area
  • Dryness around the edges of my face – the classic combination skin.
My skin at the initial consultation.

My skin at the initial consultation.

Products Used







The Verdict

There is no doubt that my skin is softer and feels in better condition than when I started using the products. I love using the Youth Essence lotion, this is a total hero product and leaves my skin with a lovely, healthy glow when used in the morning. I also love the fact that the products smell so fresh, but do not sting or irritate my skin in any way.

The dryness around the extremities of my face are much improved, as is the dry area on my chin and neck. This has been a long time problem so this is really pleasing and positive. I was concerned about using an oil based product on the already oily areas of my face, but needn’t have been, the oily products almost neutralise the oil in my face – the look is healthy and glowing, rather than shiny.

Overall, I have been really pleased with the results and will be continuing to use these products for the foreseeable future.

No Make Up Selfies at the end of the 28 day programme



Unique gift ideas from The Eternity Rose

When it comes to flowers, we all have our own personal favourites. I personally love lilies and spring daffodils, but I’m guessing that if a poll was carried out to find the nation’s favourite flower, the beautiful rose would come out very near the top. From Moroccan Rose to Damask Rose, the fragile beauty and the intoxicating scent makes roses eternally popular as a symbol of romance and love. And now, with The Eternity Rose, you can give your loved one a everlasting gift of a single rose that is both beautiful and precious.

American Beauty Rose Scene

American Beauty Rose Scene


The Eternity Rose collection preserves the beauty of real roses so that a special occasion can be commemorated forever. It uses natural roses, grown and selected at the height of their individual beauty and then preserves them forever by dipping them in the finest 24 karat gold, silver or platinum, or having them gold-trimmed and glazed. The roses are then presented in a stunning leather case making them a really special gift option for birthdays, wedding anniversaries, engagements or as a simple token of love.

24 Karat Gold-Dipped Natural Rose 11.5" £119 Click to visit The Eternity Rose

24 Karat Gold-Dipped Natural Rose 11.5″ £119 Click to visit The Eternity Rose

Another special aspect of the Roses is that, as well as the gold and silver options, there are also tinted roses that come in a range of colour ways. These include traditional red and rose pink, and the more unusual black and purple options.

Black Natural Rose Glazed & Trimmed with 24K Gold 12" £109 Click to visit The Eternity Rose

Black Natural Rose Glazed & Trimmed with 24K Gold 12″ £109 Click to visit The Eternity Rose

The Eternity Rose collection also contains some really exquisite pieces of jewellery. The rose theme is continued in jewellery sets that comprise of earrings and a pendant, these are made from rose petals that are then trimmed in 24 Karat gold. These are just so striking and unusual, and as they come in a lovely drawstring pouch they are all ready to be presented to a loved one.

Blue Matching Pendant and Earring Set - Heart Theme 24K Gold £89 Click to visit The Eternity Rose

Blue Matching Pendant and Earring Set – Heart Theme 24K Gold £89 Click to visit The Eternity Rose

Red Matching Pendant and Earring Set - Leaf Theme 24K Gold £89 Click to visit The Eternity Rose

Red Matching Pendant and Earring Set – Leaf Theme 24K Gold £89 Click to visit The Eternity Rose

Hospital Blunders – The Horrifying Truth

It has recently been revealed that at least 340 blunders are occurring  on NHS maternity wards every day and over 300 ‘never events’ are happening yearly in UK hospitals. These hospital blunders and medical negligence cases have led to significant illness and injury and even loss of life. Pryers Solicitors  have recently published their own infographic which details some of the horrifying cases of medical negligence that they have been involved in. It makes for harrowing, and shocking reading – you put your life in the hands of professionals and really don’t expect to be left in a state that is worse than when you entered hospital. But these cases are becoming more common, and I know this from my own recent, traumatic experience.

My little boy Joe entered hospital at the beginning of February for a routine tonsillectomy, and to have his adenoids removed. We were told he would probably be home the same day, but the operation took far longer than expected, and when Joe was returned to the ward he was severely bleeding from the nose. We were told this was normal, but needed to be monitored, and Joe was kept in hospital an extra day before we were allowed to go home. The nose was still bleeding, but because it was also filled with mucas, we were told this was nothing to worry about.

A week after the operation, Joe collapsed after bringing up an enormous amount of blood that has pooled in his stomach. He was rushed to a different hospital to the resus department, where theatre was kept on stand-by in case of another operation being needed. Once stabilised. Joe then spent the next few days in hospital. The verdict was that the failure to pack Joe’s nose correctly when the bleed occured (possibly due to the nose not being cauterized properly after surgery) had led to an infection with a trickle of bleeding into Joe’s stomach. At some point, a hemorrhage had then caused a large amount of blood to enter the stomach, which had then been ejected in the form of vomited blood and blood clots by Joe. This could’ve been avoided if anti-biotics to guard against infection had been given and the nose had been properly treated and packed to stop the bleed.

Joe recovering during his second hospital stay.

Joe recovering during his second hospital stay.

If you, or a member of your family are a victim of medical negligence, you can do something about it. There are solicitors that deal purely with hospital blunders who will be able to give advice, and fight your case if you decide to take it further. We are currently in meetings with our solicitors regarding Joe, my boy is fit and well now, but this is no thanks to them who we placed our trust in.

Infographic: Hospital Blunders