Women In Business Expo 2018

Last Friday saw the 2018 Women In Business Expo taking place in the stunning confines of Birmingham’s historic Council House. This is an event organised by the inspirational Pushpa Alexander of Headz Up Business and is a mixture of help and advice for Women in Business, with panel talks and information stands from a range of experts in both business and technology. In addition, the centre of the show is a fashion show which showcases the best of local design talent and is organised and managed by Joshua Williams, the former Mr Birmingham whose youth belies a wealth of experience in fashion and media.

Joshua and Pushpa

With Pushpa and Jackie of J21 Coaching

Bally Bhogal opened this year’s show with their energetic mix of Bhangra Style dancing ‘Bhangra Blaze’ and fitness which was both fun and impressive, especially considering this was one of the hottest days of the year, and then there was an informative talk from Fiona Ollerenshaw from Digital Birmingham, talking about the sorts of funding you can get for start ups in Birmingham to support your digital and technical journey.

And then it was onto the fashion.

First up was Mirror Image Style which is a collection that mixes vintage style florals, glamorous shimmering fabrics and bodycon styles. I loved the long velour style coat worn over a swimsuit for the ultimate in poolside glamour and decadence, and the cute floral bandeau and shorts that have the feel of vintage 1950s kitsch.

Next up was Elementz Of Couture, a collection that combines bright and vibrant colour with ultra modern style. The blue velour catsuit was a standout piece, bringing to mind the style of Rihanna, especially when teamed with a blunt blue wig. The third designer showcased was Latisha Augustine, a contemporary womenswear/sportswear designer who was showcasing her end of year collection.

The collection is bold, with it’s geometric shapes and cuts, and use of a palette of muted blues, greys and greens that are enlivened with splashes of wonderful mustard. This is a really wearable collection that I was very impressed with.

The final collection was from an old favourite. Kiss Me Kate is a go to designer when you want the wow factor, whether that be for a prom, a red carpet event or a sparkling evening event. The collections are full length and fabulous, using shimmer and sequins, net and tulle to create dream dresses that will make you feel like a princess or a movie star, whatever your preference may be.


The fashion show was a fabulous mixture of style and design that I really enjoyed. Once again Pushpa and Joshua had created a wonderful event that was a perfect fusion of business and creativity.



A Little Bit Of World Cup Memorabilia

Are you enjoying the World Cup? I have to say that I am absolutely loving it – there have been so many exciting matches, unexpected results, fighting performances from some of the underdogs, and a couple of really great performances from an England team with a brilliant Harry Kane turning on the magic and the goals.

For my boy Joe Luca, this is the first World Cup that he will truly remember (although he did decide to support Brazil four years ago after asking me who I thought would win – got that wrong as it turned out.). Because of this, we have been picking up mementos and memorabilia as keepsakes including a wall chart that we have been filling in, Panini stickers that are actually very difficult to find at the moment, and lots of souvenir books.

But if you are looking for something more special as a souvenir, take a look at these ideas.

A personalised World Cup newspaper book

A present that is just perfect for World Cup fans old and new is a personalised World Cup newspaper book that is full of news stories and cuttings of World Cups tournaments of the near and more distant past.The book, from Historic Newspapers is bound in luxury leather and gold embossed cover, and has a frontispiece that can be personalised with a message to a loved one.

This book is just stunning, with both colour and black and white sections, and really is the ultimate present for someone who loves football in general and the World Cup in particular.

Personalised Football World Cup History Book £79.99 Click to visit Historic Newspapers

Art of Football World Cup range

Art of Football is one of my favourite sports ranges due to their quirky mixture of art and sport. For the World Cup they have produced a range of t-shirts and prints for both adults and children that are unique, different from any other memorabilia.

The Captain – England Tee or Sweat £25.00 Click to visit Art of Football

My key pick has to be ‘The Captain’ tee or sweatshirt featuring the one and only Harry Kane. He’s been so brilliant so far and is favourite for the Golden Boot, so this is something that you could really wear with pride, especially if he ends up lifting the cup.

Red Bubble Merchandise

Red Bubble is a fantastic site for finding a wealth of football and World Cup related goods, many from individual designers and artisans. This year they have products that not only celebrate Russia 2018, but also previous World Cups too.

You can search their site for ‘World Cup’ or look for a specific player or team. I personally love their tote bags, and have already purchased a Giroud bag featuring my number one footballer.

Well Worth a Look.

Funny “Reality vs Russia 2018” Signpost Design; world cup 2018 £11.40 Click to visit Red Bubble



How Is CBD Oil Used In Food

One of the most important things to look into when focusing on health is your diet. And to keep your diet in check, it’s best to begin cooking with natural ingredients and super foods that boost your health! There many things you can do when you want to boost your health in dishes. And one of the current trends: CBD oil.

Yes, CBD oil comes from the cannabis plant. However, it’s the nonpsychotropic derivative, which does NOT get you stoned. It’s actually known to help reduce the risk of various diseases. But how can you cook with CBD oil in the first place?

Read on as I show you how CBD oil is used in food and how you can begin doing so!

How Is CBD Oil Used In Food

What’s great about CBD oil is that one can use it in many ways, from taking supplements down to smoking it. However, not a lot of people would like to take it these ways, which is why cooking with CBD oil has become popular.

It can be used for both sweet and savory dishes, without any taste. It’s also a unique and different way to incorporate this beneficial oil into your system without the hassle of smoking.

Through incorporating it to your dishes, you’ll be able to reduce the symptoms of many diseases, from PTSD down to arthritis and other inflammatory sicknesses!

Cannabis oil works great with savory and sweet dishes that require oil or fat. You can simply replace the oil required for your recipe with CBD oil. However, if the recipe doesn’t need a “fat” ingredient, you can use the concentrate by diluting it with any of your favorite liquid such as vodka or rum. However, don’t mix it with water or beer, which is water-based and won’t combine well.

Tips on Using CBD Oil When Cooking

Now that you know about how CBD oil is used in food, try following these tips on cooking with CBD oil:

  • Choose the Right Marijuana

If you’re just starting off with using CBD oil for cooking, then make sure that you choose the right one. Focus on getting oil which is high in CBD and low in THC, which doesn’t give you any of the psychotic effects.

However, the levels of CBD and THC will affect people differently, depending on the conditions they have. Some respond better with high-CBD, others with high-THC. So it’s best to experiment and begin with a lower THC and work your way up. Ensure that you choose lab-tested concentrates which will suit your dosage when consuming your dishes.

Also, make sure that you get CBD oil which was already extracted. This is because there are produce makers that use toxic solvents, which leave residues that aren’t healthy for anyone.

If you want a sort of head high, then use a sativa strain. For a body high, which has you feel stoned, an Indic a strain hybrid is good.

  • Watch Out For the Heat

Just like coconut oil, CBD oil has a certain smoke point and shouldn’t be used directly when on high heat, like on a hot pan or skillet for frying. Make sure that you hear your oil up to a temperature of hot beverages like tea or coffee, which is usually between 160 to 185 degrees F. This is to avoid diminishing its potency and benefits!

  • Start Off Small

Last but not the least, it’s best to always start off small. Begin with a  low dosage and slowly work your way up to higher doses if required. It takes experimentation until you can find the ideal dose for you.

I recommend that you start off with smaller portions when as well to avoid wasting the food (just in case you accidentally put too much of the CBD oil!). I recommend that you add it to your salad dressings or a few drops to your smoothie, which is an ideal way to discreetly administer it without compromising on the flavor.

Wrapping It Up

Through having a healthier diet, your mind and body will feel its benefits, reducing the risk of sicknesses. And by using CBD oil, you’ll be able to boost your overall health. Sure, it’s easy to use CBD oil concentration or take a pill, but it’s also great to incorporate it into your dishes if you have no access to supplements and whatnot.

Hopefully, this article taught you all about how CBD oil can be used in cooking. So don’t wait any longer and use this as a starting point to better dishes today.

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences on cooking, then check out any reputable website for CBD oil or comment below! I would love to hear what you have to think.