Happy Birthday Mapiful

If you have celebrated a birthday this March (like my hubby whose birthday it is today, Happy birthday Pete), then you are sharing a birthday with Mapiful. Mapiful is the website where you can create unique custom prints of the moments that are closest to your heart, and is celebrating it’s 5th birthday, or, as they put it, five years of sharing memories, and as part of the celebration they have launched a brand new product ZODIAC PRINTS!

Mapiful create maps and posters that are perfect to commemorate any and every occasion. This could be the place you met or married your partner, your birth sign, or the birth sign of your partner or child. You could chose a place that is special to you, where you enjoyed a special trip or holiday, maybe where your parents met, the list and scenarios are positively endless. The fact that you can choose anywhere to create your map of, or any star sign, makes these a lovely gift idea, especially in the current climate.

The maps come ready to frame and you can chose a range of styles and text for each design. The black and white design you see here is the modern design, but you can also have a design that is has a black background called ‘asphalt’ that is also very striking. There are also blue, coral, pink and red colourways if you also want to tap in to a favourite colour or match a home colour scheme. You can also change the size of your print, starting from 30x40cm, and you can also change the orientation from portrait to landscape – maybe in order to fit a specific space on your wall?

Mapiful products are just wonderful mementos of your memories, and are also really stylish additions to your wall space too. Currently you can save 25% if you buy two prints.


Why your home needs CCTV in 2020

CCTV surveillance – it can cause quite a stir depending on whom you ask. Some people believe that it’s a stark invasion of privacy, and that its usage is taken advantage of far too excessively across UK streets. When it comes to your property, though? Well, it’s a no brainer… It’s a must. 

Your home is your safe haven, the place you take shelter when you’re not busy with other day-to-day tasks such as working or shopping. Your home harbours your most special possessions, not forgetting your family, too! It’s supposed to keep you safe and give you peace of mind, but this isn’t always possible when you don’t have CCTV surveillance. 

Does your home truly need CCTV in 2020? Of course, keep reading on to find out more.

Deter criminals

Think again, burglar…

According to Yale, headline figures revealed that over 250,000 domestic burglaries occurred in both England and Wales throughout a 12-month period. 

Home invasions are very real and they are very common, so it’s important that you do what you can to protect your home and your family. CCTV can act as a huge deterrent to these criminals, especially where pre-planned crimes are concerned. 

It’s simply common sense to imagine that thieves will be extremely put off your property when they see that you’re equipped with CCTV surveillance, and this will keep your belongings and your family safer.

It’s very, very common now 

Once upon a time, it was somewhat strange to see your neighbour’s property kitted out with CCTV surveillance. It felt a bit like… ‘Why?’ 

Now, you’ll find that most people in most suburban streets across the United Kingdom are all opting to be a part of the CCTV gang. Once before it was a ‘why?’ but in 2020, it’s more of a ‘why not?’

It’s cheaper now

Back in the day when CCTV was considered a luxury, it would have cost you a hefty bit to have the piece installed in and around your property. In 2020, this isn’t the case.


Sorting Finances For Your Retirement

The Low Interest rates we have been experiencing over the last few years have proved to be good news for those with a mortgage, but less good news for those with traditional savings held in bank accounts. This has led to a rise in people taking a more active part in financial planning, particularly looking towards securing their future, and also a rise in people seeking professional advice on how best to use and secure their savings. In this time when our retirement age is being pushed back later and later, people are looking at their own ways of putting some money aside for the future, and this may include investments, bonds and stocks.

Whether it be pensions you are seeking help with, or investments you want to make, or have made and want to protect and grow, you can always seek the help you need. Personal financial planning can help you find solutions you need to protect your money, and hopefully see it grow further, providing a nice nest egg for you and your family. You can use something like the SoFi IRA calculator to look at what you can afford to set aside from your current income and savings. In our current climate it is suggested that almost 40% of people believe they will not have enough money to live on to support the lifestyle they want once they retire, so this is definitely something to look at sooner, rather than later.

Advice from a reputable source like Jason Vanclef, the CEO of Vanclef Financial Group, is well worth listening to. He believes  that anyone can succeed financially if they have the right tools and his company aspires to help clients with the information they need to make sound financial decisions. He also guides clients choices when it comes to their portfolio to help them match their money to their retirement goals, doing this through the management of assets, including retirement accounts and stock holdings.

Issues like retirement and pension planning,  have become a very hot potato in light of a growing, ageing population,  These can be compounded by the need to also look at other issues that effect your everyday life now,  health and life insurance, school and university fees and even looking carefully at your mortgage, and at any other property you might also own. Retirement planning is actually better the earlier you start it, giving more time to invest and save, remember the cost of living is going up all the time, and we are living longer, so we will need more funds for that lifestyle.

If you want to get some financial advice from someone other than your bank manager, I would suggest that you look at an independent financial advisor. The simple reason for this is that you can often hold a totally free, no obligation initial meeting with financial advisors to assess your situation and look for a plan of action. This will give you a chance to air your own individual needs, and hopefully start planning for a more secure future. Don’t bury your head in the sand thinking tomorrow never comes, it does come eventually and you need to be prepared for it, so you can embrace and enjoy life in your golden years.