Useful Tips How to Preserve A Carpet’s Cleanliness

When soft and comfortable carpets lie in your home, the place seems warmer and more comfortable. However, in order to preserve this sense of comfort and coziness, you should put some efforts to keep the carpet clean. Regular carpet cleaning is a necessity!

First, you need to decide on the choice of carpet when buying it. 

  1. To make it easier to clean, you should buy a carpet that is dirt repellent. Such floor coverings are perfectly protected from dirt. However, finding such a carpet can be difficult.
  2. When choosing the material of the home carpet it is better to give preference to polyester or nylon, which are sufficiently resistant to stains. Although they are not necessarily dirt repellent, cleaning them is quite simple.
  3. Light tones of the carpet should not be chosen. The darker the shade, the less dirty it will look. 
  4. Get better quality carpets. A good foundation has added not only comfort, but will extend the life of the carpet.
  5. Large carpets should be cleaned using professional steam carpet cleaning services.

How to Keep My Carpeted Flooring Clean?

  1. It is better to walk on carpets without shoes. This will extend their lifespan.
  2. Deep carpet cleaning is best trusted by professionals and dry cleaners. For daily cleaning, it is better to use a vacuum cleaner. 
  3. Do not keep your rugs in the sun for too long. 
  4. Remove stains with care. You should quickly get water in case of a spillage with a white napkin or towel so that she does not creep out a large stain.

What Carpet Cleaning Products to Use?

  1. For this purpose, it is recommended to mix a special cleaner for upholstered furniture and carpets with water. You can use just a mild action. Such a tool should not have a whitening effect.
  2. You can try to clean the carpet with a solution of vinegar mixed evenly with water.
  3. To remove stains from light carpets, ammonia is often dissolved mixed in the amount of a tablespoon of ammonia per cup of water. But for a wool base, the use of ammonia is unacceptable.
  4. In some cases, a special stain remover is used, for example, for resin.
  5. After domestic carpet cleaning, the cleaned area is washed off well with water, removing the remnants of the cleaning agent and dried. Otherwise, these areas will become sticky and again quickly attracted dirt there.

How to Vacuum the Carpet the “Right “ Way?

In fact, there is a “right” way of vacuuming, which many people don’t even know about. Carpet fibers are twisted in different directions, if you vacuum only in one direction, your vacuum cleaner will let a lot of dust pass through the carpet between the fibers.

In order for your vacuum cleaner to remove as much dust as possible, you need not only to make movements back and forth, you need to vacuum the carpet fibers from all sides: back, front, left and right. To do this, start by moving back and forth, and then from left to right throughout the room.

If you are trying to tidy up your entire house, be sure to clean the dust bag in the vacuum cleaner before cleaning.

How to Remove Unpleasant Odor from the Carpet?

If your carpets have an unpleasant smell, it can easily be removed with baking soda. All you have to do is sprinkle soda on the surface of the carpet and leave it as long as possible. We recommend leaving overnight for best results. If you think that enough time has passed, vacuum your carpet. You can also use white vinegar to deodorize your carpets. Fill an aerosol can with warm water, and then add 1 tablespoon of vinegar and 1 teaspoon of baking soda. Shake the can well to combine the ingredients. When spraying the solution on the carpets, there may be a faint smell of vinegar, but it will soon disappear.

However, if you want to effectively remove unpleasant odors, you need to use professional carpet cleaning services from time to time. If you have pets, steam carpet cleaning St Albans once on every 3 months will keep the surface clean and free of bacteria. Hot water extraction carpet cleaning is believed to be the safest method for treatment of carpeted flooring, especially when there are pets in the house, as it doesn’t involve the use of harmful detergents.

We strongly believe these tips will help those who have problems with carpet cleaning!


Looking For A First Or New Home

I have to say that, at the moment, I am perfectly happy and content in my home. It is cosy and homely, in a nice area, and has the perfect school for Joe just on the doorstep. But in September next year, Joe will be at High School and the time maybe right for a move, and an upgrade.

Funding For A First Or New Home

When we bought our first home, in 2003, we were right in the middle of the housing boom, and you could still get 100% mortgage in the UK, which was handy if you had not been able to save for a deposit. Now it is getting harder to get onto the housing ladder, particularly if you are a first time buyer, even more difficult if you are a first time buyer with a low income. But if you live in the US, you may be able to get help through an affordable housing programme like the Chenoa Fund, which helps help credit worthy families to realise the dream of home ownership by providing hopeful home buyers with the financial tools to purchase a home. It takes away the problem of having to have a deposit ( a minimum down payment) which can often be a barrier, and is helping more and more families to get on the housing ladder. When combined with your first mortgage, qualified borrowers can receive a second mortgage or grant to purchase a home with little or no cash investment.

If you are able to obtain your funding for a mortgage, or through an affordable housing programme, the real fun starts as you are able to look at what you require in your new home. For me I would look for somewhere that would be both practical as a family home and yet large enough for family and friends to stay over, and there are certain features that would definitely make a home more attractive.

What to look for in a new home

1. A double garage

We have both a car and a van. One is currently parked at the back of the house, one on the road. A double garage would be both practical and a security measure too.

Double Garage from Warwick garages

Double Garage from Warwick garages

2. A dressing room.

I have a lot of clothes, more than a couple of wardrobes can handle. And despite the fact that I cull my clothing items regularly, a dressing room with some walk in wardrobes would be just lovely. I’d be happy to share it with the hubby too – he’s a bit of a clotheshorse too!

Love this!

Love this!

3. Period features.

I am not a fan of modern and new build houses, I currently love in a Victorian terrace that has lots of its original features, and would definitely be looking for something similar – a Victorian villa or a Georgian townhouse are two styles of house I truly love.

How fantastic is this Georgian townhouse in London.

How fantastic is this Georgian townhouse in London.

4. An exposed staircase and entrance hall.

One of the things about living in a Victorian terrace is that you literally walk straight into my dining room once the front door is opened – there is no entrance hall. I would love a proper entrance hall with a beautiful winding staircase exposed. Our stairs are currently hidden behind the living room door – they are steep and literally just a staircase, with no hall space.


5. A large garden with lots of grass.

We have this currently – almost 100ft of garden with a large grassy area . The garden would need to be big enough for two sets of goals – we play a lot of football in our current garden so this is probably the most important space in the whole house and garden.

A garden big enough for a game of football is a must for my family.

A garden big enough for a game of football is a must for my family.


What would you look for in your next home?


Add Film Star Glamour To Your Bedroom With These Ideas

You know those gorgeous bedrooms that you see posted all over Instagram by celebrities? Well, they’re not as hard to achieve as you would think. So if your room is in need to an update, why not go for a design that’s inspired by a celebrity home? If you have always dreamt of having a beautiful bedroom that combines luxury and glamour, you’re in the right place. Want to make your bedroom as glamorous and elegant as a celebrity’s? It’s not as difficult as you would think, here’s what you need to do: bedroom-design-huelsta-manit-2 Get inspiration If you’re not sure what design style you like, take some time to get inspiration. You’ll find it much easier to create a beautiful space that you love if you have an idea of the types of designs you like. Use Instagram and Pinterest to get inspiration for your room. Look at the different colour schemes, layouts and themes, and choose one that you like the most. Look at websites like Furniturebox, which offer bedroom furniture and accessories in a wide range of styles and tastes to give you some room inspiration (I’m obsessed with their Venetian glass bedside tables and units). Once you’ve picked out a design to focus on, look at the elements of it. Look at the decor, the style of the furniture, and the accessories that have been used. These are all important parts of the room, and things that you need to get spot on, if you want to recreate the look.

Keep the walls neutral The key to adding glamour to your room is decorating the walls in neutrals. Whether you prefer paint or wallpaper, using neutrals is a must if you want to create an elegant space. If you’re a fan of bright, bold colours and patterns, these can be added later on. (The best way to add colour to a space is through accessories, not through the walls themselves.)


A statement bed frame You’ll find that in most elegant bedrooms that the bed acts as the statement piece. Ask any interior designer and they’ll tell you that in any sleeping space, the bed should always be the focal point. If you want your bed to act as a focal point, it needs to be a design that’s strong. This means picking a bed frame that doesn’t sink into the background, but standouts and makes a statement. One of the best ways to achieve this is by selecting a bed that’s got a headboard that stands out. Look for a design that fits with the theme of the room, is stylish and, most importantly, eye-catching.

Use accessories to add style and elegance For a room with neutral walls, accessories are crucial for adding style and elegance. There are so many ways that you can use accessories to add personality and glamour; it’s just a case of getting creative. For a room with a sophisticated vibe, it’s best to opt for designer home accessories. If you want a space that feels like it should belong to a celebrity, you need to be willing to invest.


From patterned bedding and rugs that make a bold statement to light fixtures that add glamour, there are so many accessories to choose from. It’s just a case of selecting the right ones. Be choosy about your accessories, and ensure that they fit the style of your room, and you can create a beautiful space.

Even if you’re not a celebrity, with these ideas you can make your bedroom feel like it should belong to one. Happy decorating!