Icons Of Fashion: Hoop Earrings

When it comes to jewellery, there are items that have to be classed as icons. These are the stylish pieces that transcend fashion trends, they are always there, always wearable, never missing from our jewellery boxes because whatever the season, and whatever the fashion magazines say, we will always be wearing them.

I’m thinking about a string of pearls, a letter or name pendant, or a classic, leather strapped watch. When it comes to our earrings, we also have to add the hoop into this mix because whether you opt for a classic small gold style, a large Latino hoop, whether you choose something from a reputable jeweller, or something from a High Street brand like Topshop or Oasis, there is a great chance that you own at least one pair of hoop earrings.

Celebrity Inspiration

It is safe to say that the most stylish of celebs love hoop earrings, but the way they wear them greatly varies, and shows just how versatile the hoop can be. First and foremost amongst all hoop wearers is the ever stunning Jennifer Lopez, particularly during her ‘Jenny From the Block’ stage. Jennifer wears hoops that are large and solid, usually in gold, and accessorises them with the tough high ponytail, or topknot, giving a sassy Latino street style to her look.


Another celebrity who wears her hoop earrings in a tough and edgy way is the singer and actress Zendaya. Zendaya has opted for a very thin, very large hoop style that gives your outfit an ultra modern look, and works as well with leisure and sports wear as it would with a little black dress.

In the 1980’s, Sade was the most elegant, glamorous singer around. Many say that she was one of the only people who seemed to have a stylish decade in the 80’s, and part of her gorgeous look was her hoop earrings. Like Jennifer Lopez she chose a thicker gold hoop, but she wore them with a sleek plait and a minimalist wardrobe that seemed to transcend the 1980’s, and looks just as good today. So good, in fact, that style chameleon Kim Kardashian seems to have channeled the Sade look.

But don’t just think that hoop earrings have to be big to be stylish, the reason these are a jewellery icon is that they are versatile, they do come in a range of styles, finishes and sizes which makes them perfect for just about anybody to wear.

Meghan Markle found smaller, discreet hoops worked perfectly with her Royal wardrobe, and Emma Watson has also worn the pretty delicate styles that really suit her tiny bone structure.

Hoops can be sexy and sassy, but can also be classy and elegant. They look as good with your jeans and a t-shirt for casual, every day wear, as they would with a little black dress for the evening. Hoops are iconic, and here to stay.

The Bodyguard Is Thrillingly Entertaining at The Alexandra

The Bodyguard returned to the Midlands this week, starting a run at The Alexandra Theatre, and once again this knockout musical showed why it is one of the standout shows in modern musical theatre, and why its star, Alexandra Burke is one of the most charismatic, talented performers around. From the showstopping opener ‘Queen of the Night’ (surely one of Whitney’s most underrated songs?) to the forever beautiful ‘I will always love you’, The Bodyguard is exciting, glossy and glamorous, and all about beautiful, beautiful vocals.

The story is familiar to anyone who has seen the ultra-popular film which starred the late Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner. Rachel Marron is a musical superstar, a beautiful diva with the whole world at her feet. Her perfect life is threatened by a pyschopath who is obsessed with her, something her management team have decided to hide from her. They hire the singer a bodyguard, Frank Farmer, (Ben Lewis) to help protect her, but without knowing what is happening, she resents his presence in her life. When she finally realises that she is really in danger, her feelings towards the handsome Farmer change, and a relationship develops. But danger and tragedy are never far away, and the tale takes a tragic turn.

The whole of the ensemble cast is very good, with Ben Lewis exhibiting a sort of Kevin Costner style charm and reliability as Frank, and Gary Turner given some of the best one liners as manager Sy. But this is a musical that is all about great women singers, and in Alexandra Burke and Emmy Willow as her tragic sister Nikki, The Bodyguard has two who are capable of breathing life and pathos into a song. Run to You in particular, performed as a duet between the two sisters, is so beguilingly beautiful that it brought a tear to my eye, and I know I wasn’t the only one touched by this song. Alexandra also shone in the high octane dance numbers like Queen of the Night and a montage featuring ‘Million Dollar Bill’ amongst others, showing her skill at really belting out a number, whilst the tingling ‘All At Once’ was performed with real emotion by Emmy.

The staging of The Bodyguard allows you to feel at times like you are attending a Rachel Marron concert, and this makes for thrilling entertainment, whilst the scene where the stalker (Phil Atkinson – very good) tracks down Rachel and her family is genuinely chilling.

The Bodyguard is supreme entertainment and a must see even for those who have never seen the original film.

The Bodyguard

 The Alexandra, Birmingham

 Tue 23 Jan – Sat 1 Feb 2020

Click here for ticket information


Teaching Your Kids to Respect Animals

Teaching your kids to respect animals is an incredibly valuable life lesson.
Not only will it help to strengthen their personal skills by teaching them to care and respect other people, but it will also teach them compassion and consideration for all living creatures.

Living Things, a mobile zoo who work with schools nationwide have put together the following advice to help teach children to be kind and respectful to all animals…

Learning to care for animals and treat them with kindness is a valuable lesson for all children. However, you don’t need to have your own pets in order to help your children learn how to respect animals. One of the best ways to introduce children to wildlife is in your own back garden or at a local park. This gives children an opportunity to observe creatures in their natural habitat.

For younger children you could plan a bug hunt. This involves keeping a close eye on the magnificent mini beast world in your garden and watching what they get up to. Where do they live? How many can you count in one place? Record these observations in a ‘bug journal’ and watch your child’s insect appreciation grow! 

If your child prefers a fluffier kind of creature, then perhaps you can arrange for them to meet a friend or relatives pet? This is a great way to teach them how to care for a pet, how to approach animals and how to gently handle them.

Another important way to teach children how to care for animals is to encourage them to care for the environment too. Explain how humans are harming wildlife with pollution and litter. Discuss how a large amount of plastic waste is ending up in the ocean and causing harm to many sea creatures. Hopefully this will encourage them to care for their planet and help to keep all creatures safe.

If you are considering a new family pet, you could visit a local animal shelter. Many of the animals at shelters have been abandoned or neglected, due to a lack of care or understanding. Although this can be upsetting, your children will learn the importance of properly caring for animals.