How To Get And Increase Instagram Followers For Free


Trust us, everyone wants free Instagram followers and if you’re one of them then keep on reading!

Are you a struggling Instagram influencer? Are you a fitness expert and feel like you have a lot to share with the world but somehow you don’t have a lot of followers? It’s common for people to join Instagram and face this problem, as not everyone can get a big number of followers easily. This is where GetInsta comes to save the day. GetInsta is a great platform that enables you to get free Instagram followers instantly. We know how important it is to expand one’s reach on social media, and GetInsta does that for you quite easily. 

GetInsta is available on both Windows and Android, all depends on what your needs are. Today we’ll discuss the many benefits and functions of GetInsta if you have it on your PC. 

What is GetInsta for Windows?

GetInsta is an application for Windows which is free to use and can make a big difference in the numbers game on Instagram. It’s quite easy to use so that each and every one can have the possibility of getting those free Instagram followers without much trouble. All you have to do is to download the app on your computer and earn coins to get unlimited followers on Instagram. The best part is that GetInsta is safe, secure and effective.

How Does GetInsta Work for Windows?

As mentioned before, GetInsta is easy to use and is available for free to be downloaded on Windows. But how does the entire mechanism work in order to get the followers? How does one earn coins? We need to know that GetInsta is 100% safe, secure and the followers are real Instagram users. This app isn’t like the ones you normally hear about that use fake followers.

Once you download the app on your PC, all you need to do is to make an account on GetInsta and use your Instagram to log into the account. You can also use multiple accounts (Upto 5), this gives you an edge, as like many people we normally have more than one account on Instagram. Once you have logged into the account you will be allotted a few coins which you can use to get free instagram followers.

How Does one Earn Coins?

Sooner or later you’re going to use up all your free coins but don’t fret. In order to earn more coins, you can simply follow and like other GetInsta Instagram users. The more you follow and like others, the more you earn coins to buy unlimited followers and likes. So, you see GetInsta is a community that doesn’t use fake methods of getting followers. All the followers and likes are 100% unique and trusted.

One can easily see from the above image that all tabs have a specific function and the ball is in your court to decide if you want Instagram followers or Instagram likes free.

Supplemented with an easy interface and instant results power. GetInsta is definitely an app that can change the course of your social media presence. 

Dudley Zoo Architecture: The Tectons

I often say this to people, but Dudley must’ve had a really other worldly feel in the late 1930’s. Whilst other Midland towns were still clinging on to their Victorian, red brick style architecture, Dudley was blooming with Art Deco and Modernist designs that were completely modern and forward thinking. In one area alone it had the block that was the Dudley Hippodrome, a stunning Odeon Cinema, and the Tecton delight that was the entrance to Dudley Zoo. It is a true marvel of design that can still delight the eye 80 years later. (You can read more about Dudley Art Deco here.)

On Saturday we paid a trip to the zoo for the first time in some years. Joe was desperate to see the animals, I was desperate to see the old enclosures. These are the Tectons, and are now all Grade 2 listed, protecting these unusual structures for a future generation. The Tecton Group was a radical architectural group co-founded by Berthold Lubetkin, Francis Skinner, Denys Lasdun, Godfrey Samuel, and Lindsay Drake in 1932 and disbanded in 1939. They first found fame creating enclosures in London Zoo, and then went on to design more Zoo architecture at both Whipesnade and Dudley during the 1930’s.

The Tectons at Dudley Zoo are world renowned as the most complete set of buildings designed by the group, and in 2009 they were listed as endangered in the World Monuments Fund. In recent years there has been a sympathetic programme of restoration of the 12 buildings, which incorporated enclosures for the likes of the sea lions, bears, elephants and a bird house, as well as two cafes, the zoo’s entrance and two kiosks. The Queen Mary restaurant is still open, and the former Moat Cafe is now an education discovery centre. Only the Sea Lion pool is still used for it was designed for, with the former Reptilary now the home to the zoo’s meerkats.

I have loved the Tectons since I first visited the zoo as a child. I had no idea of their architectural importance, I just knew that they looked strange and weird and I loved that. Seeing them again all these years later, and following the trail which shows you the original architectural plans and designs, and archive photos, is just fascinating if you are a fan of modernist architecture.


Party Hints And Tips For The Host With The Most

Planning a perfect party isn’t as easy as it sounds. You need to source a great venue, create a guest list, make sure your food and drink selection is tasty and memorable, and decide on your entertainment, then everything else should be fine. Your party should be one that is talked about for years, whether it be for your birthday, engagement, wedding, anniversary, hell, people are even holding divorce parties these days.


Your venue is important, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. Many people are holding parties in their own gardens these days, using a marquee that can be hired just for the event. If you would rather that the noise and mess (let’s be honest here) was away from your own home, there are places like community centres and village halls that can be hired at a reasonable cost. If you have more budget for the venue, you could look at local hotels which often have function rooms to hire. A hotel can often also organise your entertainment and your catering too, which could take away some of the planning for you.

Food And Drink

Even if you decide to host your party at home, it does not mean that you have to spend the day leading up to it making sandwiches. An outside catering firm can address a whole host of catering needs or themes, and can even bring staff if you decide to have your food served as well as catered for.  You can set the budget for your food, being as frugal or as lavish as you decide, and you can ensure that the food will be up to a fabulous level, leaving you just to enjoy your party.

Drink is equally, if not even more important. Even if you are having a paid bar, it is classy and stylish to have some sort of drink as a toast. Champagne is popular, but I think a good wine that suits the taste of the host is even better. I source my wine from Independent Wine, who are an importer of boutique fine wine from Italy, including a rather classy range of Prosecco which makes a good toast, or could be used for cocktails if you have a specific theme. Gin Fizz anyone?


Your choice of entertainment should be a reflection of your taste. Want to dance the night away? Then a DJ would be a good choice. Like something a little bit more refined? How about a swing band. Totally fun-loving and love a bit of a sing along? Then you can’t really go wrong with karaoke. The choice really is all yours, it’s your party after all. I know a couple who held their own rave for their engagement party and totally loved it, and another couple who had a mini festival for their joint 40th birthdays.


Your party should reflect you, and should leave everyone having had the best of times, and that includes you. After all, who wants tears on their special day?