Get Your Festival style sorted

Festival season will soon be upon us, and this year sees the biggie back, with Glastonbury once again promising to be memorable. Festivals are a great mixture of great style, great music, and, notoriously bad weather, but they are a part of Summer to enjoy and savour, whether you go for a single day or enjoy the whole camping/glamping experience.

Festivals in the UK are as famous for the inclement weather as they are for the music, and weather does tend to govern festival fashion. Unlike Coachella, white is never a good idea at British festivals, one downpour and that lovely fresh field becomes a total quagmire. That said, there have been some amazing festival fashion over the years, with Kate Moss being the reigning Queen of festival fashion, but with the likes of Lily Allen, Alexa Chung and Millie Mackintosh also showing us how it’s done.

Festival style

Glastonbury Festival

Florence Welch


Kate Moss


Alexa Chung


Lily Allen


Millie Mackintosh

British festival style is a cool mixture of Hunter Wellies, cut off denim hotpants worn with either shabby chic knitwear, tie and die, or vintage cotton. The aim of the look is to be eclectic, this mish mash of styles works to create a look that is both unique and practical, whatever the weather decides to throw at you.


Camping or Glamping?

Festivals often mean camping, with most festival goers setting up their own tents for the duration. But, if like me, camping is not your thing, and you prefer home comforts and luxury whilst enjoying the atmosphere of the festival, then maybe glamping is a better option for you.

The Yurtel Steanbow experience is the most luxurious way to experience Glastonbury this year, the one that I am sure Kate Moss would well appreciate. From deluxe bell tents, to Yurts full of home comforts, to the absolute creme de la creme, the luxury suites that come complete with cosy rugs, a shower room and front decking from which to enjoy the views of Glastonbury Tor, the experience allows you to enjoy all the fun of the festival, but to then chill out with Spa treatments, and to enjoy a la carte dining with not a dodgy burger in sight.

This is definitely the way to enjoy Glastonbury if you are just there for the music, and want to avoid the burger vans, portaloos and too much mud.

Are you going to a festival this year? Will you be camping or glamping?


Enjoy The Benefits Of Shopping Online

Who doesn’t love shopping? It is one way of releasing your stress and other negative energy that surrounds you. Both women and men spend a lot of hard earned cash on shopping sprees but with our modern technologies, you can now shop and purchase things you wanted to buy in just a simple click.

Shopping online offers far more choice and can also give you the opportunity to find a range of bargains, due to online sales, voucher codes and discount days. Now, with the upcoming launch of Sello, an ecommerce site that will host the best deals from small independent stores, you will be able to find fresh products, to connect with new merchants and find the hottest discount codes using the Sello marketplace. It is all so convenient but also gives you the chance to find new favourite brands at affordable prices.

So How Can You Shop Wisely Online?

First you need to determine what you want actually want to purchase. It is very easy to get caught up with online shopping as it feels you are not actually handing over money, so evaluate what your signature style is and don’t just buy clothes because they are on trend, no matter how fashionable. Don’t get caught up with buying sales buys, just because they are cheap, instead look for gaps in your wardrobe, classic buys that you will get lots of wear from, and pieces that you really need.

Shopping online can have a lot of benefits, you can shop from a wider selection  compared to shopping centres and boutiques. You can also shop at a time that suits you because the internet is available 24/7. Queues are generally a thing of the past – you don’t have to experience long file of shoppers falling in line towards the counter. You don’t have to carry shopping bags and find somewhere to park.You don’t have to trawl around shop after shop with aching feet trying to find something that really suits.

In short, it is fairly hassle-free. You can try things in the comfort of your own home, and lots of companies offer free returns if your item is unsuitable. A smart shopper uses the freedom to compare multiple online shops regarding best price offers, quality and selection of sizes and colours. And, very often, they are doing this online can shop online wearing pyjamas.  

Moontide Contours Twist Swimsuit From UK Swimwear

First a disclaimer. I am not a bikini person. I don’t think I have actually worn one since I was in my early 20s, even before my wardrobe moved into the plus size catagory, I simply hated my stomach area, the first place I would put on weight, and hence feel big and bloated. Yes, it has always been a swimsuit for me.

But the good news is that swimsuits have come a long way in recent years, they have become more fitted, sexier and desirable, as good for posing around the pool as well as actually swimming in it. One of the best places to look for stunning swimwear is UK Swimwear, who sell a range of styles that come in a wide range of sizes, from petite to plus size. UK Swimwear recently treated me to a new swimsuit for my holiday in Cyprus and I  chose an absolute cracker, the Moontide Contours Twist Swimsuit in classic black.

Moontide is a design range from New Zealand, and Contours is their shapewear range. This means it has soft cups, adjustable straps, a ruched panel on the front, light control
and a medium rise on the leg = all things which help to make the costume flattering and wearable.

This costume has a real Hollywood Goddess circa 1956 feel, it has a glamorous shape and the thicker straps and ruching give it the look and feel of something Marilyn Monroe might’ve worn poolside whilst enjoying a glass of Champagne. It has all the things I look for in a cozzie – good support for the bust, a nice low back for tanning, and legs not cut too high.

This design comes in red and light blue, which are both glorious colours, but black is so practical if you are going to pack light – it will go with pretty much every colour of sarong, shorts or cover up. Plus, with the attractive bodice shape, it is ready for a spot of sightseeing with the addition of a pair of shorts or some denim cut offs.

The really great thing about this swimsuit is that it is pretty enough to pose in, but also practical enough to actually swim, or snorkel in. This is not a costume you are going to lose if you are hit by a big wave, you can feel comfortable in the design, and secure enough to know that it will save your blushes – an all round winner.

The Moontide Contours Twist costume costs £57.95 and is currently available in sizes 12-18.

*I was gifted the costume from UK Swimwear in exchange for an honest review.