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    Organising Your Finances This Spring

    Spring is the perfect time of the year to get organised in all areas of your life. I have already discussed organising your home and work life in recent posts, and today I am turning my attention to your finances. Money, and money worries is one of the worst causes of stress and pressure in family life. The standard of living is on the rise all the time, but wages do not seem to be rising at the same rate, and this is leading to more and more issues of debt and increased amounts of borrowing, often from unscrupulous lenders. In addition to debt, there are bills and payments, ones…

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    Ways To Improve Business Credit Score For Better Energy Pricing

      Photo URL: Suppliers decide what kind of energy deal to give your business based on many factors, like the size of your business and the number of employees and the type of business you run and where it is.  Your business credit score is one of the most critical factors in whether or not some energy suppliers will even offer you a deal. Credit worthiness equates to a company’s credibility.  There are numerous benefits to having this level of trustworthiness. Positive reporting in your credit file can benefit you in many areas of running your business.  How does your business’s credit affect your supplier’s energy offers and contracts?…

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    What Impact Can Blockchain Make On The Music Industry?

    To know the importance of Blockchain in the music industry, we must first understand the concept. A blockchain is a collection of records or transactions linked to each other which cannot be easily altered. Blockchain platforms, unlike bank records, decentralize your records, making them accessible to anyone who’s a part of the transactions. Like a book, where information on a page is linked to the information on the next page, Blockchain does the same job of linking records in one block to the other. This technology ensures the safe and transparent transaction of entries on every block. You can buy Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and NFT securely using this technology. While…