Pop Art Is Back At The Wolverhampton Art Gallery

It has an enviable collection of Pop Art, including pieces by Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Pauline Boty, Sir Peter Blake and Clive Barker. Now, Wolverhampton Art Gallery has took some of its very best pieces out of storage for a new exhibition ‘Pick of the Pops’, and I ‘popped’ along to see it for myself.

Pop Art is a bit like the marmite of the art world, you either love it or hate it. Some find the mixture of pop culture references (Marilyn Monroe, Campbell’s soup tins, rock and roll etc) and super bright, sometimes cartoonish images garish, but for fan of the art form it is instantly recognisable and totally accessible.

Wolverhampton has some stunning pieces that range from paintings and prints to sculpture. Marilyn Monroe is heavily represented, not least but the work of Pauline Boty, for me the first lady of Pop Art and a woman who was as beautiful and tragic as Marilyn  herself (Pauline was dead at 28 from a cancer discovered when she was pregnant with the daughter, she was christened Boty as a way to remember her mother and also became an artist who died young.) ‘Colour her Gone’ was created in 1962, the year Marilyn died, and uses on of the last images of Marilyn, a photograph by George Barriss as its basis. It is one of my fave pieces of art work, but is not the only one that references the actress, with ‘Marilyn on a Coke Bottle’ by Clive Barker also part of the current exhibition.

Other influences and subjects include Janis Joplin (Pop Singer by Larry Rivers), Jacqueline Kennedy (Jacqueline by Andy Warhol), The Beach Boys(Beach Boys by Sir Peter Blake) and Bridget Bardot.

If you love Pop Art, or just want to see some pieces up close so you can make a decision for yourself, then check out the current exhibition. It is totally free of charge and full of wonderful works of art created by some of the most important artists of the mid twentieth century.



To view the full range of exhibitions at the Wolverhampton Art Gallery, click here.

STDs on the Rise: How To Protect Yourself

With STDs on the rise, it is now more important than ever to become educated on various STDs and treatment options. Knowing how to protect yourself when you are sexually active is essential to prevent causing potential long-term damage to your body and overall health. 

How Often Should You Get Tested? 

All adults should get tested for STDs at least once in their lifetime, especially if they have been sexually active in the past. Getting screened for HIV is also recommended at least once in one’s lifetime, even if an individual is currently in a long-term monogamous relationship. For those who are sexually active, getting tested every 6 to 12 months is highly advisable to stay on top of the current status of your sexual health. 

Use an STD Risk Calculator 

One way to determine which STD tests are optimal for you is to use an STD calculator. Using an STD calculator is a way to learn more about various STD risks and the types of tests that are necessary based on your sexual history and any symptoms you may be exhibiting. Use an STD calculator to get educated on all of the signs and symptoms that STDs trigger to learn more about your body while getting comfortable with discussing your sexual health. 

How to Get Tested 

Getting tested has never been easier. Along with visiting your GP, or general practitioner, it is also possible to request an STD panel at your OBGYN (gynecologist), or even by visiting a local sexual health resource in your area. If you are seeking additional convenience, consider ordering an STD panel right from home, online. 

What to Do If Your Results are Positive 

Discovering you have an STD is far from a relief. If you have never experienced an STD in the past, you may feel anxious, stress, and panicked about your health and future. Discuss the results of your STD test with your doctor to determine the best course of action to treat and eliminate the STD from your body (which is possible in most cases). Your doctor is familiar with a variety of antibiotics and medications to help treat STD outbreaks and symptoms you are experiencing. Do not allow yourself to feel shamed or judged once you have been diagnosed with an STD, as STDs/STIs impact millions of individuals around the world each year. Learn more about the STD you have and become your own health advocate by seeking the proper medication and treatment from your doctor to clear it from your system as quickly as possible. 

While most STDs are treatable and not life-threatening, there are multiple STDs that can result in potentially fatal scenarios. HPV has been linked to ovarian cancer while HIV/AIDS can ultimately result in death when it is not properly diagnosed and managed. Becoming your own sexual health advocate is essential to ensure you remain healthy and STD-free at all times, even if you are currently sexually active and not in a monogamous relationship.


Author Bio: Paige Jirsa– I work with https://stdtestingfacilities.com/, which provides users same day STD testing in a discrete and proficient manner.  

Coffee Table Books: Kate And Meghan Style

When it comes to the most read about, most googled women of our times, the ones who sell newspapers and magazines, it is a safe bet to say the Duchesses of Cambridge and Suffolk are right up there in terms of popularity, with their every move, their every uttering and every outfit heavily scrutinised.

Now two coffee table books from Carlton Books take a closer look at the style of both women, but take a very different stance in doing so. For whilst both are written by Caroline Jones, and have a very similar style in layout and design, Kate’s book is ‘Kate how to dress like a style icon,’ and is subtitled ‘Fashion from a royal style icon’, Meghan’s book has the tagline ‘Feminist, influencer, humanitarian Duchess, treating the very modern Meghan as someone other than a style icon.

Both books are beautiful, glossy pages which are filled with lots of colour photographs. Kate’s book is very fashion orientated, with a style directory of her favourite stores and designers, and sections dedicated to her shoes, her hats, her belts as well as her actual clothing. There are tips on how to get the Kate look, and sections dedicated to looking at her High Street buys. This book is fashion heaven, particularly for those who love Kate’s style.

Meghan’s book is different. There is a section dedicated to her impeccable style and beauty, but perhaps because she hasn’t been on the scene as long as Kate, this is less dwelt on than in the Kate book. Instead we have a chapter on feminism, on Meghan’s influences and inspirations, as well as chapters on food, home and travel. You get a more rounded picture of the woman who is considered to be a very modern Duchess.

Both books would make ideal Mother’s Day presents if your mom is a royal watcher, or would just look super stylish on your coffee table or book shelf and are a really easy read.

Kate How to Dress Like A Style Icon RRP £20 Click here to view

Meghan The Life and Style of a Modern Royal RRP £20 Click here to view