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Sunglasses Review: MessyWeekend Copenhagen

At times this week it felt like Summer with lots of glorious sunshine and warm sunny days. I went for a daily walk with my boys, and grabbed my current favourite sunnies, which come from Danish brand MessyWeekend Copenhagen. MessyWeekend are a brand leader in cool handcrafted sunglasses and ski goggles, but also give something back in support of our planet,  For every pair of MessyWeekends sold, they donate to clean 2 kg of plastic waste out of our oceans.

I love the ethos behind the brand, and the cool, almost minimalist Scandinavian design of their sunglasses.

The pair I have been wearing are the New Depp in the champagne colourway. The New Dapp are a pair of classic, round, handcrafted acetate sunglasses. The slightly greenish lenses offer full UV400 protection and are a perfect combination with the transparent frame that gives you a very fresh and modern look. This design is surprisingly light and easy to wear because of this, you can wear them all day without them feeling uncomfortable or rubbing on the nose, as some glasses can do.

The champagne colour of the frame gives them a really stylish, but also a neutral look which means you can wear them with a whole host of colours and outfits and they will look great. I also love the slightly tinted frames which are not so dark that you can’t see anything, but do keep out the glare of the sun, making them good for driving in too.

The sunglasses come beautifully boxed in a trademark MessyWeekend slider box, and also have a drawstring bag which is perfect for storing the glasses in your bag when you are not wearing them to avoid the lens’s getting scratched.

I love the colour of the champagne glasses as I think it suits my hair and skin tone, but the glasses also come in other shades of frame, including tortoise, which is a more traditional animal style print, and crystal brown, which combines a darker lens with a grey white frame, so if you like this style of glasses but not necessarily this colour, you can check out the full range here.


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