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The Body Shop Drops of Youth – The Verdict.

In February I was invited along to The Body Shop in Birmingham’s Grand Central to try out a range of new products. Called Drops of Youth, these products were infused with plant stem cells that were believed to make the skin look smoother and replenished, and yes, younger looking after continual use. (Ypu can read my initial post here.)

I have now been using the products daily for a month, and wanted to share my findings with you, is the Drops of Youth range really ‘all that’ when it comes to protecting and revitalising the skin?

My Skin issues

  • Ageing skin
  • Redness on the cheekbones area, this is generally in small patches, but can, on occasion be much more pronounced.
  • Oily t-zone area
  • Dryness around the edges of my face – the classic combination skin.
My skin at the initial consultation.
My skin at the initial consultation.

Products Used







The Verdict

There is no doubt that my skin is softer and feels in better condition than when I started using the products. I love using the Youth Essence lotion, this is a total hero product and leaves my skin with a lovely, healthy glow when used in the morning. I also love the fact that the products smell so fresh, but do not sting or irritate my skin in any way.

The dryness around the extremities of my face are much improved, as is the dry area on my chin and neck. This has been a long time problem so this is really pleasing and positive. I was concerned about using an oil based product on the already oily areas of my face, but needn’t have been, the oily products almost neutralise the oil in my face – the look is healthy and glowing, rather than shiny.

Overall, I have been really pleased with the results and will be continuing to use these products for the foreseeable future.

No Make Up Selfies at the end of the 28 day programme



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