7 Must-See Attractions In The South Of England

Distinctive sweeping landscapes, sandy beaches and ancient landmarks make the South of England one of the UK’s most popular destinations. From celebrating Solstice at Stonehenge to stepping aboard Nelson’s HMS Victory, adventure awaits. 

Whether you want to explore your local area, want to discover hidden gems or need some quality time away with your family, the South of England is bursting with treats for everyone to enjoy. 

To help you plan ahead, we’ve rounded up 7 must-see attractions in the South of England to get you inspired:

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

Britain is renowned for its prolific maritime history, and what better way to experience it first-hand than to step onto the deck of Nelson’s flagship HMS Victory or look upon the masterfully restored hull of Henry VIII’s beloved warship, Mary Rose.

Home to some of the country’s most iconic ships from the last 500 years to modern-day, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard is a treasure trove. Kids and grownups alike will love the interactive displays and the chance to follow in the footsteps of a Dockyard’s apprentice at Boathouse 7. 

With HMS Warrior 1860, the National Museum of the Royal Navy, and the innovative Action Stations in Boathouse 6, there is plenty for young and old to enjoy! 

Exciting Escapes

Mystery, intrigue and suspense all await you at Hampshire’s premier escape room experience, Exciting Escapes. Whether you use all your cunning to defuse a WWII bomb before it’s too late, unveil dark secrets from the Cold War or travel through time aboard the HMSS Shirley, one thing’s certain: this is an experience you’ll never forget!

Fully immersive, challenging and engaging, this is the perfect activity to reconnect with your friends and loved ones. 

There’s plenty to discover with escape rooms in Southampton, Portsmouth and Basingstoke. What are you waiting for? Step back in time and meet your Games Master today!


Stonehenge has baffled archaeologists, scientists and revellers for millennia. Set on the Salisbury Plains, this atmospheric site has plenty of stories to tell. 

Only recently, fresh evidence emerged from the site that has helped us understand the site’s varying uses throughout the ages.  But it is the prehistoric stones and mystery of the site that have made it one of the most visited World Heritage Sites in the UK. With 5,000 years of history attached to it, it’s no wonder! 

Visit the fascinating Stonehenge exhibit to discover how the original builders worked and experience how the Neolithic people lived as you walk amongst their reconstructed homes. 

Aerial photo of Stonehenge on a sunny day.


Cheddar Gorge & Caves

Cheddar Gorge belongs on your must-see map. Sitting in the gorgeous Mendip Hils, this is the place where Britain’s oldest complete human skeleton (9,000 years old), the Cheddar Man, was found. It is home to feral goats scampering amongst the ravines and imposing cliff tops and, of course, the world-renowned Cheddar cheese!

Cheddar Gorge is a breathtaking wonder. Stepping into the caves, you will see stunning stalactite caverns before discovering fascinating stories of our prehistoric ancestors in the Museum of Prehistory. 

What’s more, Cheddar Gorge hosts a fantastic calendar of events throughout the year including 

The Festival of Archaeology, Wildlife Week and a Halloween event like no other deep in the caves!

Glastonbury Tor

Glastonbury Festival may be responsible for putting this little gem on the map to the broader public, but the town itself is an eclectic triumph of arts, culture and mysticism that have made Glastonbury itself one of the most visited places in the UK. 

And then, there is the magnificent Glastonbury Tor itself. Draped in mystique and thrilling tales of fairies, ley lines, the Holy Grail, King Arthur, and the Celtic Lord of the Underworld, St Michael’s Tower that we see today has stood as an emblem of strength, power and more since the 14th century. 

As you hike up the tor, make sure you stop by The White Spring and sample the “healing” waters sourced from the Challice Well made famous by the legends of the Holy Grail. While there, take a stroll around the nearby abbey and walk in the potential footsteps of King Arthur, Lancelot and Guinevere. 

Spinnaker Tower

Thrilling, breathtaking and mesmerising, Spinnaker Tower offers one of the most spectacular, unfiltered views across Portsmouth harbour and city, the Solent, South Downs and the Isle of Wight. 

Standing at 170 metres tall, you can journey up to the three sky-high viewing decks via the high-speed lift before making your way across the exhilarating ‘Sky Walk’ set 100 metres above sea level. 

Spinnaker Tower isn’t simply an architectural masterpiece. It is home to the sumptuous cafe, The Clouds, where you can chow down on a mouthwatering High Tea and is even a go-to spot for thrill-seekers, where they can abseil 100 metres down the outside of the tower!

From learning about the local area and the tower’s construction, from the fantastic interactive displays to finding your next wedding venue, Spinnaker Tower offers a worthwhile adventure to the young and old alike. 

Hever Castle 

Hever Castle has stood for over 700 years. Originally built as a medieval defensive castle in 1270, it became the seat for one of the most powerful families in Tudor England, the Boleyns. 

While Anne Boleyn stood as Henry VIII’s wife for a mere 1,000 days, she was responsible for the King renouncing the Catholic church and creating the Church of England. Within Hever Castle’s walls, you can learn about the making of Tudor England and discover how William Waldorf Astor restored the castle to its former glory in days gone by. 

Kids will go wild for the fun giant mazes, racing around the beautiful gardens, and enjoy a picnic by the lake before heading to the playground castle!

Whether you like to immerse yourself in history, nature or see your world from the wonders of modern technology, you’ll find your next adventure in the South of England. With such a rich and varied landscape to explore, where will your next trip take you?

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