Choosing Window Shutters For Your Home

A recent trend when it comes to home decor has been the rise in popularity of the window shutter. Window shutters have long been popular in European homes, which may be why many of us think of Swiss style, chocolate box houses when we think of windows with shutters. But the reality is that this is just one style, and rather a cliched one at that (albeit very pretty.) Window shutters now come in many different variations and styles, and can suit the look and decor of most homes.


So why have they become so popular? I think firstly we have to look at the aesthetic value – shutters do look supremely stylish, and add a stylish edge to any room. The can be made to fit any window, and can help you to make a feature of your window, certainly creating a more vivid look than that which you would obtain through traditional curtains or blinds.

Added Security

Another factor in the rise of window shutters is that we are more security conscious these days. Many break ins are attributed to open windows, and those large panes of glass also allow potential burglars to look into our homes and see exactly what we have, allowing them to make a potential shopping list of our treasured possessions. Interior window shutters provide a form of visual security and privacy from the prying eyes from outside, without removing light.

Energy Efficient

Then we have the insulation/heating aspect. We want to keep our homes warm in Winter and cool in Summer. Plantation window shutters are just perfect for doing this. In summer they keep that bright sun glare out of your rooms, and also the light of the light nights when you want an early night. Fast forward to winter and they act like an insulating barrier, giving your home an extra level of protection against the cold weather. We want energy efficiency in our homes, and plantation shutters provide this.

More Hygienic

Think about those old net curtains we used to swear by, and how they had to be washed in something peculiar that looked like salt in order to keep them that pristine shade of white. (I clearly remember my nan using some sort of crystals, but have no idea what they were.) Lord help us if we opted for a cream or ivory shade – they never looked clean. Later we ditched the net but still had the draw curtains, most of which needed dry cleaning, making them both cumbersome and expensive to maintain.

Choosing shutters takes away all this hassle. They are both easy to maintain, and easy to clean. You don’t need any specialist cleaner, or need to have them cleaned professionally, you can simply use a damp cloth or a general household cleaner in order to keep them in good condition. A feather duster used daily will keep them dust free and help them to last for years, which will make them a clever investment that proves to be economical.

In these days when we look for convenience and time saving measures in all areas of our lives, shutters are one less thing to clean. That has got to be a positive.

Adding Quality

Anything that adds quality to your home also adds value, and this counts double if the item is also bespoke. Window shutters are usually made to measure for your window in high quality wood. They are perfect if you have unusual sized windows, the sort that you can often have difficulty in finding curtains for (I have a large sash window in my dining room that I struggled to find a blind for – I definitely had to settle for something that would not have been my first choice.) Shutters can be made in any size, and when you add in the security and energy saving plus points, these could definitely be an investment that pays for itself.

But aren’t they for more period properties…

The answer to this has to be a resounding NO. If anything, window shutters suit homes that have a minimal, modern look, as they remove the frills and fabric of curtains. The smooth wooden look fits into our ideas of Hygge and Scandinavian style that the Ikea generation have totally brought into. But that doesn’t mean that they won’t suit period properties, or those decorated in a vintage style. Plantation shutters come in a wide range of styles and finishes, you just need to chose the one that suits your home.

Are you tempted yet?



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