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Five Ingenious DIY Plumbing Hacks for Moms

Most plumbing issues are erratic and totally unpredictable. Having to wait for a plumber or paying a plumber to fix your plumbing issues can really get to you. We understand your frustrations and have therefore created a list of solutions that will fix your plumbing issues at home.

  1. Unclogging drains – Vinegar and Baking soda

This is a common problem in every home. Every mom will have clogged drained in the house. As a mum, you can get frustrated by this because it happens all the time. Instead of calling your plumber every time when the plunger fails, you should pour a little vinegar and baking powder into the drain then cover it immediately. After some minutes, you can remove the cover and pour hot water through the drain. You might have to repeat this but it always works.

You may also a drain plug adjustment arm to remove debris clogging the sink.

Vinegar and Baking Soda
Vinegar and Baking Soda
  1. To clear stopped up toilets

You’ve probably experienced this; your toilet draining slowly after flushing water rising to the rim. Since this can happen at any time, you should have a snake (tool for unblocking) in your tool box. Use a plunger first then follow up with the snake to loosen up blockages. Rotating the snake burrows through the waste system dislodging the blockages.

  1. Fixing your shower’s water pressure

Lime scale buildup causes the reduced water pressure in your shower. You will need at descaling solution, bowl and a screwdriver. After unscrewing the showerhead, you should remove the spray plate then put it in the descaling solution. After a few hours, you may reattach the plate to the showerhead once you are satisfied with its clarity.


  1. Too hot water

One of the other plumbing issue reported to plumbing company in Allen, TX is having too hot water from the shower. This can be distressing and dangerous at the same time especially when there is hot steam coming out. Before you call your plumber, you should check the temperature stings on the thermostat dial.  If changing the settings doesn’t fix the problem, you should check the temperature-pressure valve.  It could be faulty or had been improperly installed. Because of the danger posed by this, you should replace the pressure valve relief.

  1. Discoloured or smelly water

You may have experienced this.  It is commonly caused by chemical interaction of water with metals or other components. Smelly and discoloured cold water is caused by metals like copper or iron and can be fixed by installing water filters all around the house. A water softener could be used as well.

If this happens in the hot water supply, it indicate reaction between the how water and sulfates in water. You will have to flush out the tot water heater tank and replace the anode rod. Call an expert if you are unable to do this.

Boiling sound from the water heater could indicate dangerous pressure buildup or overheating. This will require immediate professional help.

In conclusion, there are many plumbing issues that arise in homes every day.  Some of these fixes will help you get through the problems with ease especially when you are a stay at home mum. This way, you will save up some cash.
Author Bio

Miranda Lambert is a Plumbing technician in working with leading plumbing company in Allen, TX. She is also a mom and uses these tricks to fix her plumbing problems. Because of their simplicity, she recommends them to other mothers. Check out her blog for plumbing advice and DIY life hacks.

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