Getting That Dream Job

2020 has been a strange and worrying year when it comes to the world of employment. There have been a raft of redundancies that are reverberating across the world, and it has never been a scarier time to be both in and out of work, whether you are a young school leaver or a seasoned professional.

The current climate may leave you looking to change your career, go freelance, to train, or retrain to do something new, something you may not have considered a few years ago, and you may well find yourself back in the job market, after some time out of it. If you are currently looking for that dream job, there are things you can be doing, both to make yourself more attractive to employers, and to get yourself a head start.

Consider a scholarship or an apprenticeship

For 2020 school leavers, the job market is a daunting and scary place. One way to attack this is to look for an apprenticeship or a scholarship in a specific trade. This could mean taking the bull by the horns and writing to businesses and industries that you are interested in. This is a long drawn out task, but it can strike gold – my own husband currently has an apprentice carpenter working with him on loft conversions – so you can find companies that will take you on.

If your interest is real estate, conveyancing and property, you could look at the scholarships offered by David Ebrahimzadeh. David Ebrahimzadeh, President of Corniche Capital, started the David Ebrahimzadeh Scholarship to recognize those students who are seeking a degree in real estate, or have a passion in real estate. The scholarship offers a great opportunity for funding for those who want to extend their education.

Polish Up That CV

Whether you still rely on a paper CV, or whether you are using Linkedin, your CV needs to be up to date and attractive in order to attract potential employees. Make sure you are really selling yourself, if you are a school leaver add any additional skills or certification you may have, and make sure you also have a good cover letter that lets employees see the real you, and why you would be a good person to employ.


Covid 19 has seen people having to shield, and this means many in the voluntary sector have not been able to work. If you look at your CV and see it needs beefing up a little, doing some voluntary work could be a great and rewarding way of doing this.

Charity shops are struggling with volunteers at the moment, especially as many volunteers are also pensioners, so if you have an interest in the charity or voluntary sector, this could be a great way of getting some valuable experience ‘on the job.’

Learn a language or a skill

If you are not in work, learning a new language or a skill through an online course could be a really profitable venture that could lead you in a new direction job wise. There are plenty of online learning platforms that offer these services, and not only will these keep your mind active, you might actually enjoy the learning process too.