Identifying water pressure problems in the home.

I think we’ve all had the problem. You get up in the morning and decide to have a shower before you get ready for work, but when you turn on the shower the water is little more than a splutter or trickle, and, frustrated, you abandon the idea. Or maybe you’ve come in from work and decided to take a relaxing bath, but found the taps are refusing to give you an egg cup full of hot water, let alone a tub full. Yes, low water pressure is an annoying problem that can affect many of us, particular during times when water usage is high. But now there is a new website that is dedicated to helping you with this problem.

Salamander Pumps have recently set up a sister site Water Pressure Problems with the aim of helping consumers to tackle the arising topic of water pressure problems. These issues with water pressure cause wastage and inevitably lead to higher costs which are then passed on to the consumers. The Water pressure problems site has a simple test that you can try to find out just how good your water pressure is (you can take the test here.) If you identify a problem, you can then find advice on how to put it right, along with details of plumbers.

What I really like about the site is the option to sign up by email. You are then sent all the relevant findings from your water test which you can then discuss with a plumber if you choose to seek help.  There is also a really good FAQ section on the website.

I would definitely recommend a look around the site if you are experiencing any water pressure problems. Who knows, maybe that standing dithering in the shower will soon be a thing of the past!









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