Men Who Enjoy Looking At Naked Woman: Are They Worth It?

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Does your partner like to watch porn videos? Does he like browsing photos or looking at naked woman?

In cartoons, male libido is interpreted with bulging eyes, steaming ears, and flapping or levitating feet. But what does a man feel when a woman disrobes in front of them?

Visual signals play an essential role in men’s sexual responses. A woman’s body has a hypnotic power over men, whether during sex or not. Guys’ heart rate spikes, their blood goes south, and they usually lose the ability to think.

In this article, dating expert Evan Marc Katz explains what men think when they see an attractive woman and if women should be bothered by this.

Men Get a Chemical High From Seeing Gorgeous Women

Men enjoy the female figure in both dressed and nude forms. Images of clothed or naked women stimulate males—albeit not as much as you would assume.

Regardless of a man’s relationship status, being sexually attracted to a woman gives guys a chemical high. But this case should not bother you unless you let it.

Men have been designed to spread their seed since the beginning of time, and they are not monogamous beings by nature.

Men choose monogamy because they believe that having love, stability, and a nuclear family is more valuable. Monogamy, however, is a choice, not a natural state.

Men Can Watch Porn and Still Be Wonderful Spouses and Fathers

Men can be attracted to favorite celebrities and trending pornstars, fantasize about other women, and still be great husbands and fathers.

The male sex drive is unrelated to compassion, demeanor, or compatibility. It is based on physical attraction, which men experience immediately when dopamine, serotonin, and testosterone are released.

Just because a guy is in love with a woman doesn’t mean his sexual preferences and emotions of desire vanish. However, his strong affection for his partner may reduce his urge to seek sex elsewhere. 

But as those high sensations of chemistry fade, his interest will continue to rise whenever he meets a beautiful girl, in some form or another.

The more self-aware males see this intellectually. They will dismiss those spikes of attraction as what they are: physiologically designed bursts of pleasure.

It is natural for men to want variety. It all depends on whether he acts on his desires or not.

Looking at Attractive People is Normal

While your man looking at other women may bother you, this behavior is normal for men. In the same way, it is also normal for women to look at other men.

Here’s a list of potential trigger behaviors:

  • Gazing at someone else — no big deal
  • Staring at somebody else — rude and inconsiderate, but not cheating
  • Hitting on another person – never
  • Looking at sexy photos — no big deal
  • Browsing a porn site — no big deal
  • Masturbating at sexy videos of another person — no big deal, but in moderation
  • Making efforts to meet someone in person – never

Good guys might be committed yet still admire other women. Looking or glancing at another woman is not the same as cheating.

Sexual Boredom in Guys and Girls

Sexual boredom for men is related to a partner’s variety (or lack thereof). For women, on the other hand, it is more associated with a lack of variety in activities.

In other words, adjustments in what they do during sex are more likely to satisfy women, but changes in who they have sex with are more likely to please males, gay or straight.

It’s a simple, undeniable reality that practically everyone understands, but few dare to discuss: variation and change are vital in one’s sex life.

When Should You Be Bothered?

If your boyfriend or husband occasionally watches porn videos or likes a naked photo, this should not be mistaken as infidelity.

But you should be worried when your guy likes to flirt with other girls. Receiving nude and explicit pictures from anyone is also a red flag.

You should be alert if it seems he is developing deeper relationships with other women. If you feel like he is hiding something from you, or you see changes in his usual behavior, that is something you should be bothered about.

What Should You Do?

If what he does bothers you, talk to him. Communication is vital in all relationships. If a man truly loves you, he’ll understand your feelings.

He will not stop admiring other women or watching porn videos, but if he knows how you feel, you can talk about compromises.

Bottom Line

It is normal for both guys and girls to admire and get attracted to the opposite sex. Men who like to look at naked women are expected, too.

What’s not normal is acting out their impulses to satisfy their desires. 

You’ve got a terrific man whose passion for you overpowers his sexual inclination to be with someone else as long as he treats you well and doesn’t act on his impulses.

Remember, men also crave love like women. So you should also ensure that you communicate and meet his love language to have a healthy relationship.

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