Plan a Backpacking Trip – How to Prepare

Together with my friends, I plan several activities when preparing for a safe and exciting backpacking trip. The activities we plan can take place over several weeks.

Below are a few suggestions for activities:

Introduction to hiking. It is good to ask an experienced hiker to tell you all about backpacking. Find out thoroughly what clothes and shoes you need for a backpacking trip. Learn how to pack a backpack. Important points include keeping fuel away from clothing and food and packing emergency supplies so they are easily accessible. You should never overestimate how much you carry or how far you can walk. You should always hike with someone else and only so fast that everyone in the group can keep up.

Fitness training and walks to the exercise. Find a few hiking trails in your area that are similar to those in the area where you ultimately complete your backpacking trip. As you practice, do two or three walks and learn how to camp and walk without leaving a trace. Wear all your equipment during one of the hikes.

Fire, shelter and survival techniques. Practice starting a camp fire with different methods. Test out different tents and equipment so you know what backpacking and camping is necessary, practical and how to handle it. Plan what to take with you on the backpacking trip. Learn how to make matches water resistant and how to extinguish a fire correctly and completely.

Orientation based on map, compass and GPS. Plan a backpacking trip and use a hiking map of your area. Learn and practice how to navigate the wild with a compass and a map. Learn how to set up an emergency signal outdoors. The better option is, of course, a personal GPS tracking device, which is more expensive but worth it. Nowadays, the hiking trackers can work combined with phone app, even when there’s no cellular service.

Service project for hikers. In consultation with the local authorities, set up a project to set up or maintain trails in your area.

Plan and packing list. Draw up a written plan with all the important details: purpose of the activity, detailed timetable with further activities, routes, directions to the starting points, emergency contacts, maps. Stick to your route. Make alternative plans in case something unexpected happens, such as bad weather. Find out what resources (for example, water) exist in the selected area. Create a packing list; think of water or water treatment And make sure you include your first-aid kit and injury-prevention items. You also need to make sure you have a compass, choose the best that you can find, taking advice from

Cook. Pick out some backpacking recipes and test them out. The ingredients and cooking utensils such as a camp stove should not weigh much. Have each girl compile a menu for a backpacking trip. The following infographic gives some tips about camping cooking gears. Check it out.

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