Snorkelling Plans For Cyprus

You know when a special event is getting closer  and closer and you are quite literally counting down the days? Well that is exactly how I am feeling at the moment. In just over a week’s time I will be traveling to Cyprus with the hubby and the boy for a much needed holiday in Paphos – a place we have visited before and have just loved. The next week will be a bit of a rush to get everything organised and ready, but next Sunday I will finally be able to relax.

Paphos has a glorious climate and some glorious beaches and coves, so this year we are hoping to try our hand at a touch of snorkelling, and have a couple of fabulous snorkelling kits from Simply Scuba, the UK’s number one dive shop. This year Simply Scuba are on a mission to encourag more people to take up snorkelling, when they go away on their holidays. They have put together a great range of snorkelling kits that are compact and are easy to pack into a suitcase so that they can be used on a trip down at the beach. The range is for both adults and children, so even if you have never tried snorkelling before, you can now have a go as a family, creating some fabulous holiday experiences that you will never forget, and will maybe the start of a whole new obsession with the deep blue.

Faros Beach

I am very excited that Joe will get the chance to try snorkelling. Since he has been a baby he has loved being in the water, the term ‘water baby’ was definitely made for him. In recent years we have used a snorkel mask at the beach and also in the pool, so this is the next logical step, and he is super excited to try snorkeling, particularly as our hotel is close to Faros Beach. Faros Beach is just beautiful, with golden sands, perfect for swimming and for testing out our snorkelling equipment. As the quality of sea water around Cyprus is said to be some of the best around Europe, this is sure to be a fun and memorable experience. There is also a diving platform at Paphos Municipal Baths beach, although the water here is very deep, so this may not be suitable for Joe, but definitely worth a look non-the-less.

Municipal Beach

We really can’t wait for our Paphos adventures to begin.