Food hygiene #Gloves Are All You Need

There is nothing worse than food poisoning. And whilst many of us get this when on holiday, or from eating out in dodgy restaurants, or even from food that hasn’t been cooked properly, it is also true that poor hygiene in our kitchens, on work tops and in fridges, can also cause a lot of her stomach irritations and tummy bugs. Our own personal hygiene, especially when it comes to preparing food, is also very important.

Brosch Direct, who deal with all things healthcare and janitorial have put together a useful magazine looking at germ trails at public events like festivals, and also basic food hygiene, both in public and within the home. Some of the information it gives is simple and should be obvious – washing hands before you prepare (and eat food) is something that I think most of us are doing. But did you know that your toilet is not the dirtiest place in the home when it comes to germs, and that places like your kitchen sink, sponges and washing up brushes, and even your toothpaste holders can contain more germs and be a source of far more stomach upsets. And what about our handbags? We are constantly placing them on the floor in public toilets, or on public sinks as we wash our hands and retouch our lippie. Brosch reveal the horrifying fact that our handbags can house as much as 10,000 bacteria per square feet, with a third testing positive for faecel bacteria.

Another interesting fact is the one about ice in your drink. Most of us ask for ice for our G&T or our diet Coke, but ice can be a major source of bacteria. Some ice tested in a survey by the Mail on Sunday had more bacteria than found in the same establishments toilets. Definitely a reason to avoid ice!

Washing hands, using hand sanitisers that can be carried in our bags, using anti-bacterial wipes to clean or surfaces, and using disposable gloves for both cooking and cleaning can all help to stem the spread of germs, which can lead to less stomach/tummy bugs this Autumn. With so much of this being common sense, it seems like an easy way to improve home hygiene.

If you want to find out more information or follow the campaign, look for the hashtag #GloveIsAllYouNeed on social media, and maybe share your own tips for improving hygiene.