What to Wear: Casinos


When the safe, yet repetitive tedium of work and home becomes all too much, the urge to throw on your glad rags, order a taxi and head to the bright lights of town is enormous. Although we all know what’s great to wear for a tip out on the tiles, an increasingly popular late night pastime is somewhat more mysterious when it comes to deciding what to wear: the casino. We’ve all been told scare stories of how degenerative gambling can be- and these stories are indeed true- but enjoying one night of silliness and excitement is perfectly all right every once in a while! Nowadays the popularity of playing these types of games is so huge, many websites offer live deal entertainment where players can play others across the net, and if you use a Harrah’s casino promotion code you could get a free deposit and an 100% bonus. You might not feel the need to dress up for this kind of fun, but nevertheless, what exactly do you wear at the traditionally glitzy hotspots?

Firstly, one must take into account the fact that certain casinos are more glamorous and upmarket than others; in Vegas, as long as you are clean and vaguely tidy, you’ll be let in, contrasted with Monte Carlo’s casinos, where suits and gowns are a must-wear!


In London especially, the need to wear formal wear is an absolute must. For ladies this means long, flowing or glittering gowns that fall well below the knee. Necklines shouldn’t be ridiculously plunging, so jewel, illusion, keyhole or bateau cuts will all be fine. Colour-wise, the selection is very much up to you, however this season bright pastel colours, subdued light blues and radiant purples and violets are very much in fashion.

eva green

Eva Green in Casino


In a casino, as a general rule of thumb, the more glamorous and flashy one’s style is, the more attention and better service you will receive! Also, really good fashion choices might give you an edge on your opponents at the table, psyching them out and improving your chances of winning!
Now some of us simply aren’t so stated in our sartorial endeavors, but there’s no need to fret! Three quarter length slim fit trousers, coupled with a structured blouse and jacket will look just as good as a flowing gown, and should probably be one’s first choice if you’re visiting with colleagues.



For the gentlemen, suits are a must, although this doesn’t mean a full, restrictive suit needs to be worn. A stylish jacket, worn with woolen trousers or crisply cut chinos alongside leather shoes and a fashionable shirt could be just what is needed, although in the very upmarket establishments a full suit-tie combo or tuxedo should really be worn. As with anywhere, different casinos operate different dress codes, and many will be completely fine if you choose a smart casual approach.


The Difference between Japanese Pachinko and Slots

Before discussing the difference between Japanese pachinko and slot machines, you should first get to know what pachinko is all about.

Pachinko is a gambling game which does not result in a cash prize. In operation, it is similar to a pinball machine installed vertically. What the players win if they can manoeuvre the pin-balls out of the chute and aim them correctly, are the pin-balls themselves.  The target like in most other slot machine games is to hit the jackpot – inserting pin-balls instead of coins. Initially you need to purchase an amount of pin-balls and use the same to play on the machine. If you strike it lucky and hit while you play Eurojackpot, you will have access to the winnings box which will be full of pin-balls from previous players.

The pin-balls you win after hitting the jackpot have no value in themselves. But you can exchange the same for money in the gaming room or in backstreets of the city. Though gambling is presently a banned activity in Japan, because of its immense popularity the Japanese government is considering legalizing the same.

pachinko_0.jpg (800×480)

When compared to slot machines, the only difference with pachinko is that instead of walking away with ready money, you leave the pachinko machine with pin-balls. This translates into your having to trade the pin-balls for cash before each round you play. Also, pachinko machines use metallic balls, while slot machines use reels.  Similarities in both machines are the LCD screens with eye-catching art work and enticing sounds.

In the present scenario slot machine gambling like Multiloto in Japan cannot compare with pachinko which the local people are intensely proud of and consider the same as a national identity; literally bordering on a national obsession.  It is estimated that the number of pachinko establishments in Japan – around 12,000 in number – rake in about 30 trillion yen annually.


Online Bitcoin Casinos Now Accept US Players

A short time ago, casino players from the United States were hard pressed to find a casino that would accept them online. Depositing funds with a credit or debit card proved fruitless, as the American banks began blocking gambling payments, which caused difficulties for enthusiastic US online players.

Luckily, the online casino game has changed due to the Bitcoin (BTC) phenomena. All cyberspace casino transactions in the US can be carried out anonymously when players use Bitcoins for deposits and withdrawals. Transactions are carried out quickly with no hassles.

Though there are still some Bitcoin online casinos that do not accept US players, there are a host of casinos that do! Online casinos are growing in popularity all the time, as you can read in this article https://businesscasestudies.co.uk/the-rapid-expansion-of-the-online-mobile-gambling-industry/ .Here are five of the best.


Five of the Top Online Bitcoin Casinos That Accept US Players

Uptown Aces
Uptown Aces is one of the newer online casinos accepting US players and Bitcoin transactions. The casino is fully licensed and offers more than 150 slots with a choice of progressive jackpots. Players can choose between a downloadable casino version or instant play. Either way, US players can look forward to a fun gambling experience along with worthwhile promotions. Players using Bitcoins will have their value converted into dollars.

Fortunejack Casino
This US player and Bitcoin accepting casino makes claim to refashioning online crypto-currency gambling. Rumor has it that the site has been under the tutelage of the best software developers; thereby, offering some of the best, most reliable, and groundbreaking casino games online. This casino prides itself on integrity and state-of-the-art technologies. Fortunejack Casino utilizes numerous crypto-currencies with Bitcoin (BTC) set as the default.


Crypto-Games Casino
In mid 2014, Crypto-Games Casino was launched. What makes this casino so unique, besides accepting US players, is that the casino was developed by individuals in the IT industry as programmers and system engineers. The main focus of the casino is to serve players who prefer to play online using cyrpto-currencies, and the site does not disappoint! The site requires no registration.

7Bit Casino
The 7Bit Casino is a leading online Bitcoin casino that accepts US players. The casino is straightforward without all the flash you usually find at many online casinos today. Information about bonuses and other crucial details along with online chat support are easily available; however, pages are a bit slow while loading.


mBit Casino
The mBit Casino is one of the top online Bitcoin casinos accepting US players. As far as presentation goes, mBit Casino is unrivaled. The casino is fairly new on the Internet gambling scene; nevertheless, they have made a fantastic entrance with more than 230 Bitcoin casino games and growing. What sets this Bitcoin casino apart from the others are the live dealers and live games they offer. Providing live online casino games is an attraction most online casino players enjoy. Live games add a certain appeal. The interaction between the player and real people using actual cards or dice triggers another level of excitement. It’s a change from the constant interaction with computer generated graphics and animations. The casino offers over 400BTC for jackpot prizes, unique monthly promotions, and other surprises.


Luckily for US players, online Bitcoin casinos have found a way to work within the laws of the United States. US Players want to feel free and relaxed with the same opportunities that other online casino players have around the world. Thankfully, Bitcoin online casinos have managed to fill the void. The above listed casinos provide fantastic gaming experiences for US and other online players from around the world.