Breathe New Life into nights out

Finding a new partner, or just finding time to date when you have all the responsibilities of family, children and work can be tricky. These days it is much easier to find someone due to the rise in free dating sites, but then finding the time to date can be difficult, and there can also be the financial implication of sharing the cost of your dates and trying to find something to do to please both yourself and your potential partner. No wonder it can seem more hassle than it’s worth!

But you can’t be so defeatist. New dating sites are helping more and more people to find love, with one Derbyshire dating site actually helping people to create the perfect profile, in fact just looking at dating sites in Derbyshire show that there is love out there for everyone, and it has never been easier to meet someone who might just be the one.

But once you’ve met that date, what should you do? Where should you go – especially if you are looking at keeping it low key and casual at first. Dating is a financial burden that more often than not is shared by both parties, so as much as tea at the Ritz may sound brilliant, there might be better and cheaper alternatives near by.

Don’t dismiss your local pub

Local pubs offer great entertainment these days, with many putting gigs, sports and quizzes on for the regulars, but even these events can get a little staid and dull.

Take a look around next time you’re at your local – how many people are actually staring at their phones and texting away rather than speaking to their friends or partner? You’ll most likely find there’s a fair few – doesn’t bode well for a fun night out does it?

But you can breathe new life into an old routine. As well as looking for new gigs, places to go and things to do you might want to check out something that will offer an alternative to a normal night in a pub. So how about Speedquizzing. Putting a brand new twist on the old stalwart, the classic pub quiz, Speedquizzing gives you a fabulously interactive experience. Dispensing with all the bad bits of the old style pub quiz (dodgy questions made up by the quiz master, people sneakily cheating on their smartphones, boring rounds and, most tediously of all, the sheer length of time it takes to find out the scores and name the winning team) and keeping all the good bits ( amusing questions, loads of variety, seamless questions) Speedquizzing is a totally different way to play.


A pub is also a great place to have a bite to eat that is not going to cost the Earth. Restaurants can be amazing, chic places for if you want to impress, but they may also a financial burden that you just can’t afford, particularly when you first start dating and spend lots of time out and about.

A local pub often has a cosy atmosphere, a decent menu that covers all bases when it comes to food, and still manages to be something that is affordable. It is also somewhere you could go for a lunchtime date as well as an evening meal, which again may be a positive if your new date works evenings,


Pokemon Go – A different Way of looking at the new craze.

Without doubt, the craze of the Summer of 2016, and the one which will be remembered in future years, has been the emergence of Pokemon Go. I remember Pokemon being a trend 20 years ago, when we were suddenly bombarded with video games, toys, collectors cards and even a movie, bit now, in the age of the smartphone, we have Pokemon Go, where, with the aid of your phone, you can hunt Pokemon’s in the real world, on your street, home, town, quite literally everywhere.

It has proved to be highly addictive fun, with people spending hours trying to download the app so that they can take part. Everyone, from children to adults seem to be swept up with the activity of finding Pokemon’s, joking about how they have popped out of their washing machines, have been hiding in their local parks and gardens, and even joining them on their family holidays. But the fun has also had a side that has proven to be both serious, and at times, dangerous, with reports of young people walking along railway lines and on tracks in order to find the elusive characters. There have been reports of injuries when people have not been watching where they are walking, walking into walls, lamp posts and even roads whilst engrossed in their quest. Pokemon can appear anywhere, and this can be a worry, especially for parents.


But, there are so many positives to Pokemon Go, with even the British Medical Journal giving the activity the thumbs up. An article on i4u shows that Pokemon is a great way to get exercise every day by walking for long periods of time. In Summer, you can also be getting your Vitamin D by spending time outside, in the sunshine, rather than stuck in front of computer games or the television.

As i4u states: – “…Pokemon Go has reclaimed the streets of the UK as a fun playground that can be used to search for virtual monsters hidden in the environment. People are truly enjoying themselves and getting their adrenaline fix in a more acceptable manner rather than through daredevil adventurism…”


If we can ensure that personal safety and common sense is kept paramount when playing Pokemon Go, the benefits could certainly be great for the health and fitness of participants.