British Comedy Awards – the best looks.

The British Comedy Awards were held last week which gave celebs another chance to dress up as part of the round of Christmas parties. There were some interesting looks on display to say the least, with Ulrika Johnson looking like an ageing rock chick in skin-tight trousers, Helen Mirren choosing a rather garish dress and Jo Brand making her usual (no) effort. But there were other looks that I really enjoyed, including a rather fabulous scene stealing appearance by Kylie.

Here are my favourite looks from the night.

The lovely Konnie Huq showed that draping is an elegant way to dress a baby bump, showing off her newly announced pregnancy in silver satin. A sensible red cardi added a seasonal touch to the outfit, and Charlie Brooker scrubbed up rather well too.

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Ruth Jones showed her usual understated style in a seriously glamorous black dress. Ruth has recently lost a lot of weight and glowed with confidence on the Blue Carpet. I love the old school glamour of this look.

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Cheska Hull from Made in Chelsea looked like a modern-day Daryl Hannah in a goddess like gold starless dress. With echoes of Marilyn Monroe crossed with an Oscar, this was a seriously over-the-look that Cheska carried off in dramatic fashion. One complaint is that I hate the magazine style bag, this dress needs something smaller and neater than the Papa Razzi clutch.

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It was Kylie who, of course, stole every headline and front page with her stunning appearance showing off her endless legs in a striking red and black outfit. She looked so beautiful in the Herve Leger dress that the Inbetweeners lads immediately started planning her cameo appearance in a second movie.

Paloma Faith always introduces a level of quirkiness to proceedings and this occasion was no exception. The peach shade of this 1930s style outfit was perfect for her colouring, and the suit was vintage glam. It did seem slightly on the large shade, but Paloma follows no-one’s rules and that’s why I love her!


M&S ditch those glamorous Adverts

Marks & Spencer on Briggate following a recent...

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It seems the politically correct campaign led to the nauseous Liz Jones of the Daily Mail have won.M&S have apparently decided to ditch their glamorous ad campaigns that revitalised their stuffy image.  The ads, which starred a host of gorgeous women from Dannii Minogue, VV Brown and Twiggy, not to mention Lizzy Jagger and Erin O Conner, are now going to be no more.

One of the first ads - I've still got Erin's cardigan

This is a result of criticism that the brand has received from the press. Liz Jones wrote in the Daily Mail: ‘Never mind yacht frolickers Twiggy, Dannii Minogue, where is the bigger woman on that boat, or the woman in her 70s? Ignore them at your peril.And… ditch the TV ad campaign’

I think this is a real shame. I personally loved those ads, particularly the first couple, which used music from Sailor and ELO and showed the girls in a range of amazing outfits. They were glossy and stylish, and totally covetable, but attainable at the same time. It was hard to believe that the outfits on display were really from M&S. And it seemed a master stroke having a teenaged Lizzy Jagger modelling clothes from the same store as the 60 something Twiggy.

The Christmas ads became a much looked forward to part of Christmas. I loved the one that featured the girls looking like they were having the Grease sleepover in curlers and pj’s, singing along to the Bee Gees. These ads had it all, beautiful women who we actually liked, great outfits that were well styled, and a touch of humour as Peter Kaye skated across the screen.

But now they will be no more. And Liz Jones was right on some level. Maybe the adverts were crying out for a septagenarian to reflect some of M&S’s traditional market, maybe they did need a plus sized girl to balance out all the perfect figures on display. But surely this could’ve been achieved. There are some stunning plus sized models and celebrities out there who could have enhanced the ads ( Ruth Jones, Dawn  French, Marquita Pring would all have been fabulous), whilst I would’ve loved to see the glamorous Honor Blackman or Sue Nichols added to the  mix. But did the adverts actually alienate anyone? Did the lack of a plus sized girl in the ad campaign mean that size 16’s shopped elsewhere. I  don’t think so. Did the older generations stop shopping in M&S because the adverts were full of beautiful younger women? Of course not. Today, the age barrier to fashion is more blurred than ever with 60 year olds wearing jeans, whilst teenagers wear what can only be described as Granny chic. My grandmother celebrated her 90th birthday this year with a party where she wore leggings and a tunic!

But to say that the ads showing the women in glossy surroundings were a turn off due to recession just seems rubbish. In times of recession we need more escapism, not less. Face the facts, we still watch travel programmes about holidays we can’t afford, watch Sex in the City reruns about women with the most amazing wardrobes imaginable and buy glossy magazines featuring clothes we’ll never wear. Escapism is one of the most enjoyable parts of life, and the M&S ads were a few minutes of escapism between the dreariness of Coronation Street and the news programmes. I’ll really miss them.

Fashion mommy loves…style and shopping for September

Hi World, hope you’re all having s good one. Thought that each month I might detail a few of my lust haves for the month ahead, along with selected pictures of stylish fashionista’s to admire and inspire.

First up – SHOES!!!

I once had an amazing pair of ASOS mustard yellow t-bar heels that I wore everywhere. They looked amazing with a pencil skirt and opaque tights. Then one day I got my heel caught in the car seatbelt whilst wearing the shoes and managed to break my foot. I never wore the shoes again. But now I’ve spotted these beauties from Office and I’m thinking  that I must embrace the mustard all over again. If mustard is not your colour, check out the Office website for other colours. These will look amazing with your ladylike dresses and skirts, and mustard is always great with black.

Style Icons for September.

I thought that Ruth Jones, the legendary Nessa from ‘Gavin and Stacey‘ looked classy and elegant at the TV choice awards last week. The dress was a simple style and she did not over accessorize.

Great choice Ruth.

For Gavin and Stacey fans who want to check out Nessa style, you can get series 1 and 2 for £5 each from Sainsburys at the Moment.


Sarah Jessica Parker just gets better and better. The iconic star of Sex and The city shows that, when temperatures drop, a dressy blazer makes a glamorous cover up.

The dress also nails the new calf length completely, and with glossy tresses and soft make up, Sarah gives a great beauty lesson for the over 40’s.

For classic Carrie fashions – check out the constant reruns of Sex and the City on fiver and Comedy Central, and marvel at the  fact that ‘carrie’ necklaces, corsages, horseshoe pendants and Fendi baguettes look just as fresh now as they did in the late 1990’s.


I remember some iconic party photographs of Kate Moss in the mid 1990’s, partying with Meg Matthews and Fran Cutler and wearing the most beautiful crushed blue velvet vintage coat. Deja vu anyone?

This gorgeous velvet creation is lustworthy, and along with the pretty dress it gives Daisy’s outfit a real vintage feel.

I think Daisy is one model worthy of the moniker ‘super’ and she seems to have inherited her mom’s knack of looking so fashion forward whilst wearing the most incredible vintage threads. I love this outfit, and have already started to search Ebay to add a bit of velvet to my Christmas wardrobe.


For curvy girls everywhere, the lovely Holly Willoughby is a poster girl for how to dress your figure to its best advantage. Nipped in waists, wrapover style dresses which enhance cleavage, and classic black, enables Holly to shine amongst the pelmet length skirts and Herve (yawn!) Leger looks on display the TV choice awards.

In addition – just take a look at Holly’s glorious mane. Glossy and flowing, she just absolutely beautiful. Frankly, it’s no wonder that Philip Schofield is always smiling. She’s a goddess.

Fab frocks

The maxi dress is still going strong for Autumn, although it has taken on a darker tone. Evans has a good range of plus size maxi dresses. Here are a couple of my favourites.

so floaty - almost like 70's Ossie Clark or Bill Gibb. A must have!

This is so elegant! I love this Evans Maxidress.

Two completely different styles – a hippy, bohemian look that could grace the movie Hippy Hippy Shake, or a studio 54 Halston style evening dress with just the right amount of sparkle. Whichever one you choose – your sure to make the right impression.

Bags galore!

Topshop have a glorious range of bags this season looking back at English heritage. These are my favourites.

I just love the tassel on the front of this bag.

This small fabric box bag is just exquisite!

I love the tassel front bag for everyday use. It has the feel of a school satchel which every child of the 70’s would recognise. The fabric box bag is exquisite, looking like a Victorian relic found in an attic, if only you could be that lucky!