Why Choose Wood Flooring?

From the 1980’s on wards, we saw a rise in the popularity of laminate flooring for our homes.People, especially those with young families, began to look at different options rather than traditional carpet, realising that wooden style floors could look stylish, but were also practical and easy to clean, especially for people with young children and pets.

Today we seemed to have moved on even further, with the artificial looking laminate floors losing favour. We now want our floors to have the naturalistic beauty and solid feel of hard wood flooring, knowing that this will not only be a stylish option, but will also be hard wearing and, again that word, practical too. We want our floors to be easy to clean, and to actually look better as they age, to be a solution to our flooring problem that can be a forever floor, rather than an item dictated by fashion (as we have seen with laminate), or ruined by children or pets (the much maligned carpet.)


Solid wood flooring can come in many different finishes, which can be both modern and traditional, and can fit in with all kinds of decor styles, from the minimal to the retro or vintage. Oak is a popular choice, and comes in both natural and smoked finishes,but there are other ‘wood finishes’ that you can also choose from. Another popular choice is the gorgeous walnut, and there is also Canadian Maple, and you can also go for different finishes, including vintage and reclaimed finishes for retro style living spaces, unfinished styles for rooms with rustic decor, and the more sophisticated brushed, lacquered and oiled finishes which would suit ultra modern living and dining rooms.

If you are thinking of changing the appearance of your living space through engineered wood flooring, you should look online for sites that offer the option of samples of the different floor finishes so you can match this to your decor and colour scheme. This means you can make an informed choice that suits your room, your decor and your personality.


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