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5 Things That Can Trigger A Hot Flash

John’s Hopkins Medicine notes that 75% of women in menopause experience an increase in warmness, accompanied by rapid heartbeats, night sweats or chills and flushed complexion. These symptoms fall under the dreaded phrase that no woman wants to hear: the hot flash.

Believe it or not, menopause isn’t the only reason women experience hot flash episodes. Several factors can trigger the condition. There is good news while these flashes aren’t pleasant, you can regain control by recognizing triggers and learning to cope with the symptoms. Learn more about the importance of knowing common causes, changing habits and relying on a hot flash supplement.

What Are Common Hot Flash Triggers?

Unfortunately, hot flashes have more than one cause, making it hard to pinpoint a specific reason for your warmth. When episodes begin, think about your day, evaluating everything from environmental factors to diet.

If you’re not sure what to consider, the following are five common reasons that prompt body temp changes:

  • Hormone changes
  • Hot weather
  • Spicy Foods
  • Anxiety
  • Alcohol

Your trigger may pop out right away. However, if it doesn’t, consider keeping a daily journal. Write out your meals, where you go and what you do. Note any patterns, adjusting your habits to alleviate symptoms.

Tips for Managing Your Hot Flash Episodes

Start by modifying your diet. Ditch the spicy menu options, choosing something milder instead. Those chili peppers aren’t doing your body any good. Choose regular wings rather than extra hot. Search for dishes with flavor but less kick. 

Studies indicate soy-based foods and products may help. Therefore, in your dining plans, include natural supplements and clean whole foods like soybeans, flaxseed and lentils.

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A glass of red wine may take the edge off for a few minutes, but it’s possibly causing more problems in the long run. Frequent alcohol use, especially your favorite cup of vino, interferes with the body’s rhythm, interrupting sleep and igniting menopause sweating. Skip out on the evening nightcap. Opt instead for a cup of soothing tea.

Stress and anxiety elevate the heart rate, leading to sweating, disrupted sleep and higher body temps. Devote time to relaxing and practicing mindful activities.

You probably grab a product to mitigate the congestion and cough when you get hit with a cold. The meds reduce the severity to help you push through. Hot flashes don’t have to be different. Try an over-the-counter product to reduce symptoms and keep you feeling refreshed.

Concentrate on staying cool. If you’re headed out, bring along a glass of cold water. Dress in layers, peeling off jackets if a hot flash begins. Keep your air conditioner at lower levels, especially at night, and wear clothing that allows airflow.

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Exercise regularly. Workouts train the body’s regulation systems, focusing on sweating and temperature. Walking, running or completing a routine a few days a week could help the body adapt to temperature issues, lessening hot flash severity and episodes.

Beat the heat. Understand what triggers hot flashes and have a management plan to minimize the effects. Invest in an over the counter menopause product and change your diet and habits. 

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