8 Gateway Wedding Photography Ideas

Your wedding is just around the corner, everything is set, you have hired your photographer but you are not so sure how you are going to pose. To help you out, we have prepared you some photography ideas that you should keep close when you are taking your wedding photos. These ideas also apply to the wedding photographers like WURE Photographers for weddings who wants to help the couples have some creative photos to fill their albums something they might not have achieved without you?

These photography shots are going to help anyone who is stuck and is ready to bounce back with creativity and impression. Before we get to the wedding photography ideas, it will be wise if you know some of the small things that can ruin your wedding photos.

What to avoid during wedding photography?

  •         Do not place your hands crossed together in the front. Most groomsmen are used to it but this is not the wisest idea, instead you can advise them to place their hands in the pocket or at least at the side.
  •         If you place your hands straight on the side will make the photo seem wider than it actually is.
  •         Make sure people are not parallel to the camera because if they are, it might make them seem wider than they are, and I don’t think there is anyone who wants that.
  •         If all the people cannot fit in one photo don’t try to force it to fit on levels. But maybe using rows might just what is required to make sure everyone fits. Make use of tools available like the stairs to make the rows look classier.
  •         Avoid just taking group photos because you will need some that you are just alone, so make sure you take 2 or three photos while alone and then you can be sure of appearing in every other photo.

Wedding photography ideas.

It is not always that simple to capture those magnificent photos that anyone will fall in love with, but you it is possible. Use this photography ideas and thank me later

Take some traditional photos.

You can start the wedding photography by taking some photos that everybody is comfortable with. We all know how these traditional photos goes, the bridesmaids being next to the bride while the groomsmen are closer to the groom. Make it even classier by making the groomsmen stand on the right side if they are wearing boutonnieres so that the flowers can be visible on the photo.

 Make sure the photo is also shot in different angles. For example, instead of all of them staring at the camera, you can make the bride look at the groom and the bridesmaids look at the groomsmen, it will look more unique even though it is just the normal traditional pose that everybody is used to.

Hire a photobooth for candids and fun snaps

It is a lovely idea to have some more candid and fun photographs of both the married couple and their guests. A great way to achieve this is by hiring a photobooth for the reception. Most photobooths will bring along props to make the images even more special, and will then print a copy for the bride and groom and also the recipients to keep. For Photo Booth Rental Fort Worth I would recommend The Social Production who have a wide range of different booths available for rental including a rather wonderful selfie mirror booth.

More photography ideas

 Intermix the groomsmen and bridesmaids.

Now that you already took the traditional photos where the bridesmaids were closer to the bride and the groomsmen were closer to the groom, it is time to change things a little.  This time make the bridesmaids stand next to the groomsmen and be walking together like they are walking down the aisle and shoot an excellent photo. This can also act as a formal photo but it will showcase your wedding in a more unique way. Make sure the couples are at the center of the photo and the people are closer to them showcasing unity and happiness in that day.

Look for some action poses.

A very simple idea for capturing an action photo is making the groomsmen and the bridesmaid line up together and walk slowly towards you as they converse and laugh as the photos are being captured. Make sure that it does not look like it is staged, make it look as natural as possible.

Pose the bride with the groomsmen.

Give the groomsmen a chance to interact with the bride as some photos are being taken by the photographer.  A good idea is you might have the bride at the center surrounded by the groomsmen looking at her admirably and capture that moment. Implement another pose after you have captured several shots. For example, if the bride does not mind, you can have the groomsmen lift her up and capture that happy moment. Some photos like these will be priceless after the wedding.

Walking hand in hand.

Enough of photos taken on the wedding venue, get somewhere out and make the groom and the bride walk hand in hand while they are conversing and laughing and even touching if possible. The couple can look at the camera but the preferred pose should be if they look at each other. They can be walking on a bridge, park, beach, or anything that is scenery.

 Groom carrying the groom.

Simple yet very effective and memorable. This is actually a photo that should not miss your wedding.  Find some cool angles to take this photo and make sure you are on a very scenic place because the background matters too.

 The symmetry.

How can we say you had a wedding if there is no photo of the newlyweds kissing? This photo is a must have and it must be on the list of each and every couple. Make sure the background is magnificent and there is real chemistry on that photo not just some pretense, it is a photo you will all be enjoying for the rest of your lives.

 The bend and kiss.

In this pose, the groom will be standing behind the bride and wrapping her while kissing her neck. A classic way to draw attention to their rings and a very cute idea that you should definitely try out during your wedding.

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