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A Printable Snowman Activity

One more day! Just one more day and we officially land in December, and then even the grumpiest of Bah! Humbugs have to acknowledge that it is very nearly Christmas. The tree can be put up without the chance of disapproving looks, the advent calendar can start to be opened, and you can get out all those strange drinks that you only ever drink at Christmas (Snowball, Advocat, Babycham – you know the ones.)

This year you can get into the Christmas spirit with some old-fashioned dice and card games provided by Betfair Slots. The printable game featured below is called roll a snowman and is a fun and simple game that all the family can enjoy together and is suitable for any number of players. So why don’t you turn off the TV and get involved with this printable dice game, enjoying Christmas fun in the old fashioned way – with not an i-pad in sight.


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