Accessories and Baby Fashion Tips for Mealtimes

They might be messy unpredictable times, but a baby’s mealtime does not have to be practicality over fashion. In fact, both can quite easily be combined with the right combination of mealtime accessories and equipment. Here’s a few ideas about how to make a fashion statement.

Clothing and Bibs

It is impossible to get through a baby or toddler mealtime without a bib. Ideally you want a multi-snap design which will allow you to reuse the same bibs as your baby grows up. A good example is the Aden+Anais Bandana bib for example. You will also need some good clothing, perhaps some nice waterproof or easy clean clothes such as those produced by Bumkins. Finally, nursing covers can be stylish too, so if you need one, shop around and you may find something better than you expected.


Seats and High Chairs

Have a place for your child to sit which is secure and prevents them crawling away or sliding off, is vital. Mealtimes are chaotic enough with food flying everywhere and tantrums without them escaping and potentially hurting themselves. Therefore it is vital to have a high quality, safe high chair as well as a stylish one. However, expensive chairs tend to be extremely well built and designed. Shop around, and where possible, check out the high chairs in person so you can get a good feel for how well made they are and how good they look.

Bottle Feeding

Baby bottles can end up everywhere and it can be a nightmare trying to find a clean one to use at feeding time. However, you can fix this problem by investing in a nifty bottle tree. Placed on the counter, this tree can host several bottles allowing you to know which ones are clean and pick one of your choices. Of course, how stylish the bottles themselves are, is up to you – there’s plenty of high market ones available.

Placemats, Bowls, Plates & Cups

It can be difficult, sometimes impossible, to find a baby placemat and other eating implements which match the high class decor of your home. They can either be dull, cheap, or garish, but they do not have to be. Mark-Mat, for example, produces a mat which both attracts a baby’s attention and does not look out of place. There are also high quality dinner sets such as On Safari Bamboo Dinner Set, bowls, plates, and sippy cups which are perfect for maintaining a quality look and serving your child.



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