How to take your baby out on a windy day and avoid all problems

Autumn is here and we have already seen a drop in the temperature, this suggests that we are likely to witness some windy days outside. When it comes to taking your newborn baby outside in these conditions, it’s important that you dress them properly so that they are comfortable for the entire trip. Here are some aspects to consider:

Don’t believe that the wind causes ear infections

An old tale that some people seem to believe is that taking your little one out in the wind can result in them getting an ear infection – although this is not the case.

This is because the location of an ear infection is found behind the ear drum and way back in the inner ear. Therefore, external exposure like wind or even water will not affect this area.

Although some children will get ear infections, this is usually down to their family history and other factors like how much smoke they are exposed to – kids that are aged between 6 month and 2 years are more prominent to getting an ear infection.

If you’re cold, your baby will be cold too!

With that misconception out of our minds, let’s get down to the real stuff. First of all, it’s totally fine to head outside with your baby right away if you’d like to. However, many paediatricians advise that you keep newborns away from crowded places due to germs being prevalent in such locations. It’s best to delay that trip to a shopping centre, supermarket or a restaurant with your baby by a few months then!

Ed Glasser who is a professor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine commented: “Infants lose about 50 per cent of their heat from their heads.”

Babies tend to cool down much quicker than adults do and this results in it being harder to produce heat for them when it’s gone – keeping them warm outside is vital.

You need to make sure that your child is wrapped in more than one layer if you plan to go outside – you need to keep them protected, we recommend that you use cosytoes. Ensure they are wearing both thermal and waterproof layers to protect them from the weather elements, and check that their fingers, toes, ears, nose and chin are all covered but that they can still breathe easily.

When venturing off outside, make the duration short – don’t keep your baby out too long and if they look uncomfortable, make your way back inside quickly to protect them from any winds.

Your baby’s skin

The wind is very powerful and your baby’s skin is very delicate – this can lead to your baby having rosy cheeks.

Your baby’s hands and feet need to be protected as there is a thinner layer of skin there, use mittens and socks to make your baby more comfortable when going outside. A couple of top tips to consider is to change your infant’s mittens or socks if they get wet with a fresh pair.  This will avoid skin becoming irritated and apply some baby moisturising cream as soon as you spot any of your baby’s skin which looks or feels dry.

Accessories and Baby Fashion Tips for Mealtimes

They might be messy unpredictable times, but a baby’s mealtime does not have to be practicality over fashion. In fact, both can quite easily be combined with the right combination of mealtime accessories and equipment. Here’s a few ideas about how to make a fashion statement.

Clothing and Bibs

It is impossible to get through a baby or toddler mealtime without a bib. Ideally you want a multi-snap design which will allow you to reuse the same bibs as your baby grows up. A good example is the Aden+Anais Bandana bib for example. You will also need some good clothing, perhaps some nice waterproof or easy clean clothes such as those produced by Bumkins. Finally, nursing covers can be stylish too, so if you need one, shop around and you may find something better than you expected.


Seats and High Chairs

Have a place for your child to sit which is secure and prevents them crawling away or sliding off, is vital. Mealtimes are chaotic enough with food flying everywhere and tantrums without them escaping and potentially hurting themselves. Therefore it is vital to have a high quality, safe high chair as well as a stylish one. However, expensive chairs tend to be extremely well built and designed. Shop around, and where possible, check out the high chairs in person so you can get a good feel for how well made they are and how good they look.

Bottle Feeding

Baby bottles can end up everywhere and it can be a nightmare trying to find a clean one to use at feeding time. However, you can fix this problem by investing in a nifty bottle tree. Placed on the counter, this tree can host several bottles allowing you to know which ones are clean and pick one of your choices. Of course, how stylish the bottles themselves are, is up to you – there’s plenty of high market ones available.

Placemats, Bowls, Plates & Cups

It can be difficult, sometimes impossible, to find a baby placemat and other eating implements which match the high class decor of your home. They can either be dull, cheap, or garish, but they do not have to be. Mark-Mat, for example, produces a mat which both attracts a baby’s attention and does not look out of place. There are also high quality dinner sets such as On Safari Bamboo Dinner Set, bowls, plates, and sippy cups which are perfect for maintaining a quality look and serving your child.