Buying Gifts for the Man in Your Life

It’s not always easy choosing presents for your special man, because while you want to show him how much you love him, not many male-orientated gifts really convey that message. Of course, for the shopaholic, this is a challenge to relish because it gives you a good excuse to browse through lots of catalogues and websites, and get out on the high street looking for inspiration. If you want to avoid the kinds of gifts that are perfectly nice for your man, but aren’t the kind of special treat you’re after, like sweaters, socks and aftershave, then read on for a few more novel ideas.

Think about what your man enjoys doing

It might sound a bit obvious, but you need to go beyond the normal range of present ideas to find that special something. For example, say your other half is a big soccer fan, the obvious gift would be a team shirt, or a book about their favourite player. Think bigger if you want to score a hit with your gift, so for example how about a stadium tour, or tickets for an important match? Experiences are hot tickets just now, and make ideal presents for men. The range of possibilities is so broad, there’s bound to be something that will appeal to your partner, whatever his interests. For petrolheads, you could book a supercar day at a race track; for the wine buff, a tour of a vineyard, or for the daredevil a sky diving course. If you want to stick to objects rather than experiences, find out what he needs for the outdoor play, whether hobby or sport, he enjoys. For example, a new bag for his golf clubs, a new fishing kayak paddle, or a particular kind of locomotive for his model train set.

Pimping the traditional gift

There’s nothing wrong with more traditional presents like watches, but to make them special you need to put more into your purchase than just choosing from a standard selection. For example, instead of buying a new watch, how about a vintage model from a celebrated Swiss manufacturer? This is a gift with class, something that is out of the ordinary and will make your man feel special. You can apply this principle to many other gifts, taking the ordinary and adding touches that make it more than a standard present. Engraving is another example, adding a personalised message to a piece of jewellery or a wallet, lighter, or other possession. Adding these touches show that you have thought about more than the object itself, and have put your love into your purchase.

Buying a special gift for anyone takes thought and consideration. When you’re buying something for your man, you want it to be an expression of your feelings for him and how important he is to you. Putting some effort into coming up with the right gift will be well worth it, so the time you spend shopping for the perfect item will be fully justified!

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