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Cherry Tree Farm – perfect for the Christmas Buffet

Christmas dinner is all sorted and planned, but what about all those buffets that you put on when the family comes to visit. The cold turkey is usually a mainstay of the table, but what about if you eat out at Christmas, and so don’t cook a turkey. Are there any alternatives for snacks, sandwiches and buffet tables this Christmas? The answer is an affirmative YES. Step this way and take a look at the range from Cherry Tree Farm.

Cherry Tree farm is an affordable range of packed poultry products that are now stocked in Co-0p stores nationwide. The range consists of chicken and turkey products that are perfect for packed lunches, sandwich snacks, and could even be used in family meals (chicken tikka fajita anyone.). The range includes Chicken tikka pieces, wafer thin turkey ham, American Style Chicken (my personal favourite), Roast chicken breast, Hickory smoked turkey and turkey breast. The packets cost either £1 or £2, making these a great option for quick snacks and meals.


I was sent a packet of each of the varieties for my family to try. We used them daily in sandwiches for both the hubby, and myself. I have to say that we were really impressed with the range for both taste and value, with the American Style Chicken in particular being really delicious. The ham made a lovely filling on a ham/cheese Panini, whilst I happily filled pitta breads and wraps with the chicken tikka (add a salsa or mint raita for even more flavour.



You could quite easily use these products to create meals for every day of the week. From the aforementioned Chicken tikka fajita, to ham, eggs and mash potato, you could opt for so many options. Toasties, adding the chicken or ham to pasta, even adding to a stir fry, there are lots of ways that these can help to add flavour to affordable meals. And, as I mentioned at the beginning of the post, these would make a great addition to your buffet table this Christmas.

Cherry Tree Farm products are available at a Co-op near you.

*With thanks to the Bluestone 360 for sending me products in return for a honest review.

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